Saudi Arabia (MBS)

MBS needs to be deposed. After he murdered Khashoggi, I now believe most of the reports about how evil he is.

are there other saudis who share your political intentions/concerns?

are you lobbying the canadian govt to make arabia safe for hockey?
or are you merely outraged?

Saad Aljabri convinced you of that? He’s a criminal hiding in your country and you would be smart to ignore him.

is there some facebook page i can click on to learn the truth?

Sure there is but it’s probably buried under mockery and censorship. It could be on one of those cargo ships or it may have fallen overboard along with other mysterious cargo off the coast of Vancouver while not harmful toxic gas was being released.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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That’s okay. 139 of them need a break.

Interesting. I knew Biden was unpopular, but I am surprised it has reached this level.

really ineresting

Shocking that you can be so easily surprised by the obvious.

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This would be a good move for the Saudis. The Chinese won’t care if MBS kills a few more journalists in Turkey or elsewhere.

they could announce they price daily exactly 24 hours after the last announcement
when the sun is at its highest point in the canadian senate

The pig MBS got away with it.

This is the lowest biden moment for me. It’s like trump high fiving putin. Vile.


I doubt getting anything past Biden is a great challenge.

It looks like a pattern of normalcy to me.