Sarah Sanders Kicked Out of Restaurant

This is a side topic so I’m going to create a separate post for it. Sarah Sanders, who is a horrible lying witch of no merit whatsoever in my opinion, was kicked out of a restaurant because the owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, pulled her aside and asked her to leave, telling the Washington Post that, “the restaurant has certain standards that I feel it has to uphold, such as honesty, and compassion and cooperation”.

My question is simple: do you agree with the right of a restaurant to do this? I do, although I think it’s a bad idea. I would not have asked her to leave if I owned that restaurant.

You state what’s in your heart and then you reject your own belief.

I don’t think so, although I can see why you might think that. For me it is clear. My opinion of her could not be lower, but I still think people should have the right to eat where they choose and that public establishments should not make value judgments about who they will serve.

Ok then what’s in your heart is wrong and you are misguided.

You misunderstand. I’m not talking about what you think of Sarah Sanders. What you think of her is just your opinion of her. I disagree with you on that point but I don’t care about what you think about her.

I’m talkingvabout the fact that you think it’s a “bad idea.”

It appears I do misunderstand. I think that even if a restaurant owner dislikes her, they should kick not her out. I think that’s a bad idea to kick her out. You don’t?

I think it’s a bad idea to speak from both sides of your mouth. You are neither hot nor cold. Please choose.

Well, there we differ totally. There is no hypocrisy here. I disagree with her on just about everything and do not hide that fact, but I respect her as a human being and would treat her with respect if I ever encountered her. This is what’s wrong with your country in my opinion. People are letting their political differences become personal. Friends, neighbours and even families are being torn apart over differences of opinion. It wasn’t always this way. Americans used to say, “I disagree with what you say but I defend to the death your right to say it.” These days Sarah Sanders gets kicked out of a restaurant and Trump tweets about putting the media in jail for writing about things he disagrees with.

It is not political anymore.

I am against my mother and my mother is against me because of our “political” beliefs.
I am against my daughter and my daughter is against me because of entitlements.

Jesus said, “Mother will be against daughter and daughter against mother.”

You are against yourself. :pensive:

This is an ugly, dystopian world. I choose not to accept that as the only option.

You choose not to choose? The choice is yours. Tell me, did your heart tell you that? Or did your mind demand you respond somewhat aggressively in hopes the issue will go away?

Not at all. I choose very clearly. I choose to treat everyone with respect, regardless of their opinions. With a few exceptions in the world, none of us has any power. What we think on weighty matters really makes no difference.

if you believe in respecting others why don’t you believe in others respecting you?

Weighty matters are upon us.

I think the restaurant should have that right. I would not do that if I was the owner. I’d serve everybody. Even Donald Trump. I just wouldn’t shake his hand. It’s a bad move on the restaurant’s part, but forcing them to serve her is like forcing the bakery to bake a cake for the gay couple.

I didn’t read what state this was in, but let’s say it was Virginia. As an owner, you’d have to realize 45 percent of people there voted for trump. Are you going to kick them all out. Michael Jordan was very nonpolitical and now takes slack for saying “Republicans buy shoes, too.” That’s when nike sponsored him. I actually like the current NBA for its vocalness. Jordan had a point, though. May as well not offend 40 percent of the population and use the money they just gave you to weaken them.

She didn’t ask them to do anything against their religion.

In both cases the owners refused to serve someone they found disgusting. I don’t care about the religion part.

Do you really believe that’s true? The baker did not want to bake the cake because he found the customer disgusting?

Cite your source!

It doesn’t really matter why the Baker didn’t want to bake the cake. Whether the Baker found them disgusting or not, is not relevant. The Baker should have the right. As should the restaurant owner, no matter how dumb their reason is.

Do you think the restaurant owner should have been required to serve her?