Oh! Why didn’t you say so. He obviously raped her because she wasn’t his type. Good talk.

No. You didn’t get it. It doesn’t matter if she was his type or not. That’s not something you say when you are accused of rape. Unless you are going to rape because, she is his type.

He also confused her with his wife.

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You know Trump loves Jews, right? He moved the US embassy to Jerusalem and supports every insane thing Israel does. Come to think of it, you support every insane thing Israel does, making your comment above even more difficult to understand.

That should be true but isn’t. About a quarter of the US looks at Trump and sees a saint. Another quarter sees what you see but is so amoral that they will vote for him anyway.

There is a difference between supporting Israel and supporting Jews. I don’t support what these Jews do. I do support israel.

This isn’t really an interesting case. What’s interesting to me are my own emotions reading this. I feel nothing. I actually get some sick satisfaction from knowing these men were tortured. Not enough to advocate it as policy. I haven’t crossed that line, yet. But I don’t feel angry at the Russians for torturing them a bit. They didn’t kill any of them. I’m not sure if I would have cared much if they had. Perhaps I am becoming the monster I despise.

That isn’t nothing and they weren’t tortured.

They are cold-blooded but where is your empathy, Reg? Those men are going to prison for the rest of their natural lives and torture is what they will suffer. I actually felt sorry for them. What they did was merciless and for that they will receive no mercy from any Russian court for it but their victims didn’t suffer the way they will.

Do you agree with what they did, Michele?