That’s not true. Clinton showed signs of interest in allowing Russia into NATO. It wasn’t until after he spoke to his uhhh “team” and returned for dinner with Putin that Clinton confirmed, Russia could not join NATO.

Bush was instrumental in rejecting Putin’s offer to build missiles. It should be noted that Putin emphasized that it was not these Presidents rejecting his requests but their puppet masters. According to Putin, both of those presidents seemed more than willing to work with him.

That’s not true either. Schumer just recently sent word to Congress to pass a bill or we will be fighting a war in Eastern Europe but one thing is true. While he didn’t end it, Trump fought tirelessly to prevent raising tension with Russia. He is guilty of killing a known terrorist and targeting Syrian planes for destruction but no civilians died there. Putin stressed one important point and repeated several times over that the reason Russia is fighting Ukraine right now is because of the 2014 CIA coup, building NATO bases, 5 waves of NATO expansion and threats against Crimea.

All through the comments the main theme seems to be that the Bolshevik’s are Jews.

That directly contradicts what Putin said. He said he asked Bill Clinton if Russia could join NATO and Bill said “that is not possible”. I don’t know how you could have better information than Putin on this.

The rest of your post was similar. Your version of history vs. Putin’s.

I don’t know how you could misquote Putin’s statement on Clinton, who said, “It’s interesting. I think so.” before returning with “no” from his team.

You’re more than welcome to post a more accurate version of history, provided you have one.

How is my statement in conflict with yours? I didn’t say Clinton said it isn’t possible immediately.

The rest of your post was all the usual pro-Trump nonsense. Putin laid blame right across Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden. You are pretending it was Trump as hero and the rest were evil, as usual. I don’t feel the need to argue that. Worship your fat Orange God as you please.

Oh, you mean like the way your posts are always pro-carpenter, painter, real estate agent or whoever is against Trump?

Yeah, good call. It’s a no win situation.

How do you know God is fat and orange?

I think much about Russia is nicer than the government allows us to see.

Maybe I speak too soon.

And for this insight you needed this article? The longer this Trump and Putin tragedy goes, I understand how relatively easy Hitler was able to made the Germans and even many non-Germans believe, he is a good guy to lead a country. Given the high unemployment rate back then, as well as the unfair treatment after WWI of my country, I even find the Germans back then to be less guilty of voting Hitler into power than the current supporters of Trump and Putin.


Well, yes, Gunda. Unfortunately, I don’t live in a country where truth is delivered through media so I have to depend on articles like this.

Trump is no Hitler. He is nothing like Hitler but I enjoy your view, although I don’t get to read it much here.

You make it sound like voters committed a crime. No one know how a leader is going to treat its people until after they are elected, provided they were, in fact, elected and not appointed by some other, nefarious, means.

Gunda didn’t say Trump was like Hitler. She seems to be giving more of a pass to those who elected him. I would agree. It is much easier to tell who you are voting for nowadays.

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Lots of nations have elected horrible, evil leaders.

I’d say our most evil was Andrew Jackson.

In fairness, Trump wasn’t mocking the reporters disabilities. He was being expressive in mocking the reporters’ groveling, as he stated in the article below. Trump supporters don’t need a pass. We are perfectly capable of justifying Trumps works.

If that were true, you would never have voted for Biden.

How can you be sure? Our history is a lie, written and published by Jews.

Correct. When Hitler was elected, people didn‘t know much about him, other that he promised to make Germany great again, to bring back food on the table and correct the injustice which was made.

For every American it‘s plain obvious that Trump is an asshole, a liar and a fraudster, to name just a few bad characterizations of him. When I hear his name, the first which comes to my mind is him shoving that european politician aside at a summit. He is so ridiculous and embarrassing.

After killing 6 million Jews I assume there was plenty for everyone to eat.

There’s no excuse for his behavior here. That was incredibly rude.
It also demonstrates the importance of his presence and yes it was embarrassing…until he straightened his suit and tie. :sunglasses:

He’s also a rapist.

That is a lie created in liars Hell. Where is your evidence? Where is your source for reliable information?

That’s your proof? That is a statement of denial and all you are doing is spreading misinformation.

His quote. If someone accuses you of rape, you don’t say “She’s not my type.”