Right wing anger explodes

I’m pretty sure the White House and Fox news are safe.

The thing that strikes me is how unsurprised everyone is. Oh look, right wing nut jobs bombed CNN. Ho hum.

People grow numb. Hate speech precedes violence. Carve it in stone. The orange fuhrer is on the march.

President Donald Trump has called on the media “to stop the endless hostility”, after suspected explosives were posted to high-profile US figures.

You know, I think I can’t be surprised any more by the Orange Idiot’s hypocrisy but he proves me wrong every single time.

This also smells of George Soros. It would not surprise me at all if his desperation moved him to pay someone to stregically place pipe bombs near his and other Leftists homes. Far-fetched? Nothing is far-fetched with the Left.

Not far fetched, no. Totally insane.

You’re insane!

What is Mark talking about, Reg? He’s babbling a lot lot.

So are you.

I couldn’t load that article but I was able to find Trumps comment that was completely dismissed by the Left.

acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the United States of America."

Yes, indeed, and then later he asked the media to stop its “endless hostility” towards him, after he just spent the last two years calling them the enemy of the people. lol.

That’s because this endless hostility is going too far.

It is the duty of the press to report the acts of an insane fatass orange blob.

I hope you aren’t implying Trump is behind this. That would be stupid on his part since the midterms are coming up.

I am saying exactly that. His non-stop rabble rousing and blaming the media for covering his stupidity has finally pushed one of his fanatics over the edge. Trump is responsible for this. Am I clear?

Crystal! As always! I would remind you that Trump is only trying to get to the truth about the nefarious plans of the Democratic Patry against the American people. Am I clear?

You’re clearly off your nut.

Not at all. Exactly what “nefarious plans” are you talking about?

How would I know?