Right wing anger explodes

I actually think this is the textbook definition of insanity. Create nefarious plans in your mind and defend against them, while even knowing and admitting that you don’t know what the nefarious plans are.

This is obviously true, so of course the RWNJ crowd will reject it in favour of demon possessed alien overlords in human form named Soros (a great name for an alien overlord, I have to admit) being behind it all in an effort to enslave humanity.

I may not know what nefarious thing they are doing but that caravan is a red flag since we have no border wall and no Liberal support to stop the invasion. And you know how Trump feels about an open border.

Well, there is that stretch of chain link fence.

What I saw was a fence with two rows of barbed wire. That is not going to stop this caravan.

You know what bothers me about that?

Trump campaigned for a wall on the day he announced his run for presidency which makes me wonder why he has pushed so hard for this wall.

Could he have known?

Definitely. He knew right wing nut jobs would eat that idiocy right up.

Kushner is advising him and Kushner was a Democrat before 2016.

So was Trump for God’s sake.

The insanity here is ignoring that truth if it is truth. If they are all in on it together and liberal snowflakes continue to bury their head in the sand in hopes that Democrats will find a way to blame it on the Right.

Yes I know that!!!

But Trump isn’t Jewish.

No, he is an obedient little Goyim taking his orders from Adelson, who is.

EDIT: I withdraw the word little. He’s a big fat Goyim.

That’s possible! If that’s true, he is taking orders from Soros also.

The caravan validates Trump’s foresight and wisdom. It also validates Melania’s statements about her husband’s character and wisdom. This will invalidate somethings and some persons in some regard.

His foresight or foreknowledge?

No foreknowledge. I don’t think he planned this in Honduras prior to his election.
Although somebody could have set it up to validate his foresight after the election.

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I would like to believe that.

You believe so much bullshit now, why not believe this?