Ricin is fair, right?

I do not support sending ricin to the President. That said, if it had happened to have killed Trump, I would only have mourned because it would mean Trump doesn’t get to witness his own downfall.

That’s deep…



I think his downfall will be swift and painful. The only kind of pain trump feels . .humiliation.

If that’s really the way you want to play, try to remember, we know we fight not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities.
Considering the Left cares not about truth, facts, Law, the choice of half the country, our Constitution, our rights and their willingness to use poison, we know what we are up against and I can now confirm that the Left has ultimately confessed to the most vile expression of hatred there is and the entire world is no longer a safe place for anyone. Like Islam, submission is the goal. So if the midterms are red, it’s because our fervent prayers were heard by God and He intervened for us because we can not fight and win against evil within our own power.
And you will then know Who you are truly up against.

Don’t aggrandize yourself. You fight because you’ve drunk the koolaid. Nothing more.

This is rich! A few days ago you said Trump’s words still have value even though they won’t stand up to basic fact checking. The right doesn’t even know what truth is. Truth is whatever is currently convenient for the fat orange idiot.

And if they’re blue, it’s because your God is a myth, your leader is a fraud, and the Republican base are fools.

We already know, and it’s not pretty.

And you always have a way of driving me to another drink.

I do not remember saying that but I do remember asking you to look at his works to no avail.

If God we’re a myth, evil would not exist and you would be dead.

Do you have blackouts from alcohol like Brett?

No but I’d like to have one now!

Ok what about it?

Oh I see…”losing his message”

I was talking about the message of the people

We voted for him because our message to the world is the change Trump has performed.

He won because he campaigned on everything the people wanted so his message was our message before he won. He took what he knew we wanted and won our vote with the promise he made to carry it out.

So if you don’t like OUR message, give it a moment and maybe your people will take us out with Trump.

This would be a good time to review promises kept.