Ricin is fair, right?



Obviously another trump rah rah site. Maybe even Russian. You are so easy.


upon further checking it is paid for by Donald (the orange liar) trump. Worthless except for fools.


Not much was paid by Trump because he didn’t raise half the money Clinton raised.


But that was our money. Not his


I must say I am very proud of his performance.


He certainly has delivered


The website Michelle. trump paid for the website you cited.Promiseskept.com. Paid for by trump. God ur easy.


It was easy too


What do you care if he paid for the site?


Wait! Wait! I am getting a vision. I see your closet full of shoes and they are all size 12.


We the people send in donations all the time so I doubt he is using his money.


Because it’s just more propaganda for you to swallow.


He has no money to use. Don’t you read?


Read what?


Anything. Newspapers, books. Anything?


Yes I do but I can’t read your stupid mind


Trump is getting caught in a lifetime of lies. Pay attention. Try another source than trump propaganda.


I do not care what he is getting caught in


You have accepted him as you fuhrer haven’t you?