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attention span:one minute
books are obsolete
nobody will die from covid
george bush dropped the wtc in a false flag op
any else, reggie?
you punk

I’m starting to realize that Trump is going to get away with all his crimes. It is a bitter pill but I’m swallowing it. Hopefully he will die soon. At least there’s no escaping that.

I don’t know about that, but she may.

Wrong topic.

Wrong title. Should have been “ Political Morons”

I’m not big on BLM but I do have to wonder what would’ve happened to him if he was black.

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zat cuz u brown?

Or is that because you landed a Thirld-World whore …

It seems the latest Republican poster boy is another fake. Linking to archive to bypass paywall.

Geez, that was a long article.

The interesting thing about this article was not that he lied about where he attended college or where he worked, that he didn’t really have a non-profit, where his home was at or that he has a criminal record in another country. In America, all those goals can be accomplished with ease. The insane part, he holds office in American government.

This surprised me. I thought they were dying out. They might not be.

The shame of it is, “moderate Republican” is an oxymoron phrase. They’re simply traditional liberalists.

The Santos clown is even making news here in Canada. Stealing from a homeless veteran who wanted to get cancer surgery for his dog. Someone shoot that guy.