Remember that guy who used to come here. I think he was a soldier. Ranger or Special Forces type. Had a house in Michigan and another outside a base in NC.

There was an English guy who was a junkie. Actually came here and lived with a woman for a while. Dave? maybe

The woman who ended up with Longfellow. She liked sexy expensive shoes. They may have been in Las Vegas. Not sure.

So many have come and gone.

peple come, people go… dont worry, i will always be here for you

r’amen, brother! :wink:

r"amen brother. I’ll be here until I am no more.

Vincent. PrinceDisarming was his nic. He had failing health. I haven’t heard from him for a decade.

AtTheDropOfAHat? He was as weird as Nico but less irritating. He also didn’t know how to compose a sentence that didn’t inculde the words “fuck” and/or “cunt”. Dave was a Jewish guy living in Connecticut. We had each other as friends on FB but after not interacting for several years, I deleted him. No animus, we had each just moved on.

Reg has a crazy memory. How could I forget Vincent?

Bloody hell, Reg, sharp as a tack!. I remembered Vincent’s Zone name, but not Dave’s. Did Dave have another Zone name at one stage?

He did. Funny guy. I don’t remember. Glad I could help.

He seemed to not be crazy.

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Okay, I have one for you.

PunchDrunk. I remember he was comical but I assumed he drank a lot. I never talked to him mostly because it’s difficult to be around drunkenness unless you are drinking.

I don’t remember him, although many of us drank back then. I never really drank heavily but I could easily drink two bottles of wine in one sitting back then, and did occasionally. Now a bottle of wine lasts me a year.

I sometimes think of the kids on the Zone. I was already in my 30s back then but many were much younger. Dan turned out well. So many others didn’t. I ran into Ublic perhaps 15 years ago and he had made some bad choices and was becoming a loser. Adam is, well, Adam. Dawn died, no fault of her own, of course. Bek got married and has some kids but it doesn’t sound like she’s leading a healthy lifestyle from what she said a few years ago when she came by here. Her choice, of course. Melissa became bitter and left Chappy. Chappy himself seemed like he was just waffling around trying and failing to find some reason to be alive. He kept hanging around that fat bisexual guy of the same first name.

A generally useless bunch, not that we older ones are much better.

EDIT: I see you typing, Michele, but I need to sleep. I will read it when I wake up. Unless I forget in which case I won’t. Good night.

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I admit a drank a little too but there’s a difference between having a social drink and getting drunk. Drunkenness is an open invitation to be aggressive and everyone in the path of that drunk are willing participants in their party. I hate that.

I remember Dawn. She was into the French guy, Benjamin. She was one of the few girls I talked to. She was sweet. Very kind person.
I have no idea who Chappy and Melissa were.

I have to agree with this and think we should test his sharpiness.

I have questions. Where’s our resident brainiac?

You’re not hiding behind a coloring book are you, Reg? I pulled civics questions from the internet and now I’m just waiting for you, as always. TikTok. TikTok.

If I post these questions without you around, I won’t know if you cheated and looked up the answers.

lol just dont post any easy chess puzzles and he will do fine :wink:

They are history and civics questions. We will see how good he really is if he doesn’t have time to call on Google for the answer, which is where I think he gets his answers. Yes, truthfully I think people give him too much credit for his intellect. I think anyone can look smart with Google at their fingertips.

lol i guess it all depends on your definition of being smart / intellectual…

i think the smartest people are the ones that are enjoying their life and bring joy to others lives
(which usually means they are not smart/intellectual at all according to most people)

I agree with this and Reg seems to enjoy his life very much. Everything he says brings joy to others because of his ability to relate. The question is, can he actually relate under pressure. I have my doubts but I think it would be a very telling experiment.

are you talking about some other reg? lol

No I’m talking about the same Reg you are talking about. The same one you actively engage with daily.

you think that one can relate to gay people?