I can only say what the Spirit tells me. For the Spirit of God is heavy upon me.

I have loved you for a very long time. If you had known Me you would have loved Me too. My Father loves you and has forgiven you because I forgive you and I have prayed and asked for your forgiveness and God gives me what I ask for because I love Him and I do His will.

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It is no accident that you have a new site. It was the Lord that giveth this site to you for His glory. See, He makes all things new. For the old things are fading away and a New Covenant is being established.

The Lord said, “Believe My works but you shall see greater things than these.”

Look, they have abandon you because of me but if I go they will come back to you.
This is what everyone wanted but now it is more than I can bare.

The Word of God is heavy upon me.

Within 3 days time your sheep will return to you and you will lead them.

Even tho it was they who made you desolate, I will not return until you say, “Blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord.”

May the Lord be with you and keep you and dwell within you and reveal all things to you that you may know, Jesus is Lord. May you speak His Word boldly and without fear of judgement.

Michele, I’m not sure what you’re on about. This isn’t a serious place, generally. We just chat about politics and sports and so on. I’m reasonably sure that people here are content with their own level of spirituality and that nobody is seeking enlightenment here. I know I’m not.

Yeah, it is always good to keep up with the latest ball game scores according to Dr. Pierce. Be a good Lemming, take the blue pill.
She brings in some great words maybe from an enlightenment she had herself targetting us personally and you go all Negative Nancy about it.
If nobody seeked enlightenment here, bbad would be a real sad place.

I am still seeking for TOTAL enlightenment, just FYI.
Do You think I changed my avatar image just because I am sort of a wannabe cool poser? The is the light! I am seeking for the light in times of darkness and I am happy for every one and every nation that has tuned into the light and is in lockstep following.

How about free beer?

Um, before you get too preachy, let’s remember that you’re the guy who watches Marty Lindstedt’s podcasts and who visits Russian homoerotic thrash-dancing orgies in Czechia. I don’t think watching the world cup every four years is so bad in comparison. I’m happy Germany is out. Gunda was irritatingly smug last cup.

Are you really sure about this fact?
Rumors are making the round. Alternative facts says that Germany might have found out about the hidden backdoor to still reentering the world cup and come out as…

Wow, unexpected, huh? Gunda! Any opinion?

((Multikulti-Weltmeister that is HAHAHAHAHAHA ))


Just kidding

Gunda is drowning her sorrows in her new place. I hope she enjoys it for a long time and forgets BBAD. lol.

Or you may feel sharp stabbing pains.

Breath! It will pass!

But by the Holy Spirit of the Lord. So that He receives all the glory. In Jesus Name. Thank you, Lord, for into my hands you have given them. And I love them all.

A woman shall compass a man. Jeremiah 31:22

I could vomit right now because you make me so sick.

You are the dark I felt in my cousin yesterday. God showed me you through him. You are so sad. You have everything. And yet you have nothing. You are empty.

Your heart matches your skin. Chew on it. Because you know this is not a race issue but a heart issue.

Symbolism is a very great part of everything in the Word and everyone represents some part of that symbolism. Even you!

Oh brother! You sit there searching for understand but you are more clueless than everyone else. Yes, Reg! I do know what you are doing. Hiding just makes you look weak.

Where are all of your pretty and sensitive words, Reg? Yes I said sensitive because out of everyone here, you are the most sensitive.

Unfortunately, that is not going to make your pain go away or even lighten. Learn to breath in and you will be able to exhale just before the next sharp pain.

That made me chuckle. Michele, have you gone crazy or were you just always hiding the crazy in the past?

Is this really Michelle?

I wondered that, too. It’s definitely the same account. It might have been hacked but I don’t think Mark has that skill. lol.

Make jokes while you still can. You are not going to find this funny long.