Michele, why have you suddenly gone crazy? Seriously. Are you upset about something?


Not at all, Reg! I am at peace! But I am sick of you. Because you are so cold and empty. I actually pity you more than anything because I know you are a liar and you pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about, but I know you know because God told me.


Your silence confirms His Truth.


I’m sorry Reg. I misled you!

I don’t mean you are sensitive. I mean your words are sensitive. There is a difference.


Oh my! Apparently, you are the most mentally warped person here. That’s why you get the double portion. I’m so sorry for you. You have a lot of dirty secrets and dancing in your head.

No wonder you don’t want to repent. lol. You like it. I wouldn’t feel right leaving you to burn in Hell for all eternity just because you like it. It’s a false peace and you are being tricked.


It’s possible she has crossed the line into psychosis. It often happens with very religious people. I hope she will get help soon.


Why do you talk about me instead of to me? Are you afraid I will burn you with my words? You should be oh patriotic one.