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She lost her bid for reelection. I don’t think the partying video played a part in her loss.

You know that hurts the Social Democrats Party but they obviously deserve it and should expect their party to be depleted of all power until there is an end to all transgression.

Someone left a phone in their pocket at the laundromat.

She’s back in the news.

I remember this video from ages ago. Ricardo Patrese (former F1 driver) and his wife. I wonder if in today’s weird world this would be considered some kind of assault.

This girl is amazing.

An athletic Brit? Wtf?

I think she’s Aussie.

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I like this girl’s reality. She has a very cool vibe.

Lots of firsts.

I can’t not click this chick when she shows up in my Youtube.

the sysop has a new non-mug shot icon
remember that guy in libya?
i think he must have looked like that on the last pipe insertion
mooamar something
look on my works ye mighty, and despair

I’m addicted.

i finally got my pre-death game of spider solitaire finished.
now i can relax, perhaps fix the middle ages—
black plague-bad
crusades-bad, but some popes still not sure
what’s that?
middle EAST?
oh never mind
i’ll leave that to reggie and his faster than light travel
it uses lasers, i hear

At least you can die knowing you’re game certified.

You must read through your ears. An impressive talent.

join bbad for a free 30-day trial
worth every penny
potentially great rewards
very little actual risk

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She got this good in 2 years. Pretty amazing.

Youtube just suggested this video to me. She might be better than the blonde Aussie.

This girl is cooler than any of us. She’s young and just pissed off to go live in rural China.