Reality Videos

Omg, I feel so smart when I watch his videos lol

Perhaps the problem is book banning.

It is true. We are entering a new dark age. I had thought the internet would protect us from this but it has been the opposite. It is now possible to control information, speech and even thought in a way nobody had ever before dreamed possible. We will survive this, I think, although we will become unrecognizable in the process.

Well I don’t know which is worse. Being dumb or being indoctrinated.

Dark age is when you have the power to redefine recession.

We have redefined marriage, woman, man and other things far more fundamental than recession. We are creating the new fiction-reality that we’re all going to have to live in, at least for awhile.

Are you bothered by it? Apparently, it is a necessary global “transition”.

I think you’re mixing a couple of things up.

The global transition to a multipolar world is another issue entirely, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. The Russians are definitely not confused about basic terms like marriage, man and woman, but they have a backward, oligarch-driven economy that can’t compete with modern countries. The Chinese are also not confused about such basic concepts and they have a modern economy, but they are getting fat and useless in a hurry. They haven’t peaked yet but they surely will, and quite soon I think.

It’s the western (white) world that is redefining basic concepts and forcing us to live in a fantasy where Tom Sawyer wasn’t a racist, Jesus was a feminist, and white people are fundamentally evil.

I keep hearing chinese banks are in trouble and they are having problems with mortgage loans.

What do you mean “unrecognizable”?


I shouldn’t post crap like this but it’s addictive.

now thats an interesting prime minister :wink:

Slut vibe.


I would have thought it was too cold to do that there.

I wonder if the Finns realize that the rest of the world thinks their PM is a bimbo.

This guy is totally evil but I’m addicted.

am always disappointed when i dont see anyone use their mobile phone to try to find the answer to what country the queen of england is from lol

its one thing that you dont know some answer, but that you are not willing to find out while you have the biggest library in the world at your disposal doesnt make any sense to me…