Pope Francis changes Lord's Prayer

This is not really a big deal. Every pope should be allowed to express there Supreme Authority over every man with changes to the Holy Bible. Because man is head over woman and Pope is head over man and God is head over The Church/Pope. I like it. Perhaps the pope can do something to change those pesky laws.

Not over this man.


I am not catholic.

It won’t matter. He is the Vicor.

I don’t care if he is the seventh son of a seventh son he means nothing to me. Let him do something about all the pedophiles in his ungodly church. Fuck the pope.

P.S. - It’s spelled vicar and is a relatively low position in the church of pedophelia.

Michele, since when are you Catholic? Or is this a joke I didn’t get?

PS: In my church growing up, we were taught the Pope was the Antichrist.

Bullshit. I hereby express my authority over the pope and do order him to give me a blowjob.

Michele used the wrong “there.” Glad I’m not the only one struggling there.

There should be a period at the end of the seventh son of the seventh son followed by two spaces and the “h” in he should be capitalized.

It’s a joke.

You haven’t been to church in a while have you?

Haha! It’s so cute how you just did that. Acting all tough, as if you actually have authority over the Pope.

Too many there’s there and I’m also glad you aren’t the only one struggling because, Brother, there is nothing like struggling alone. Good luck with that.

I have as much authority over him as he has over me.

A comma would have sufficed. I do agree with you that man is head over woman.

About a year. I used to go to make my woman happy but I gave that up. She’s a Catholic and doesn’t read the Bible or follow any of the rules, but she goes to church at least every few Sundays. The Catholic approach to the Bible is refreshing. Very few of them read it or care what’s in it.

PS: I really like this current Pope. He seems like a good guy. I don’t think it’s his fault that so many priests are pedos. They should be allowed to marry.

I don’t like the current pope too much, but alterations of Lord’s prayer are not new to me. Many bibles differ a bit in wording from each other in this regard and a messianic church once told me two alterations (hallowed be your name Yah) and (And lead us not into the temptation).
The pope saying “let us no being let astray by Satan” actually makes sense to me, too.

Maybe with this “atrocity”, more Catholics will be triggered to finally open their bible for once…then I’d like pope Francis a lot more…

I’d still prefer this man as pope…plus: HE CAN SING!

Not when a breath is needed.

It’s your funeral.

“Woman is head over man” makes sense to me. Do you think it would be an issue if my preacher changed the wording? I’m sure God was confused when that scripture was written in the Word.
Perhaps you could pray to your Pope and ask him to change it for us?

mhmm, I can’t really say that “lead us not into temptation” is much different from “let us not be lead into temptation”, I don’t know. If that was the only problem Catholics faced, I’d say “everything fine”.
Sadly enough, I can see more Catholics who wouldn’t ever touch a bible, let alone let considering it to be a guide to their life…

No doubt! No one wants the Pope contaminating God’s precious Word. I doubt it’s real problem for God since it’s written in the heart but it is disturbing to me that you are so dismissive of any changes to Gods Word.

As I said, when I heard the news, I expected some atrocity or outrageous politically correct speech policing change in meaning, gender and/or politically correct BS, but the “change” done isn’t actually more than different translations of the bible differ from each other in my eyes.

Of course, I wouldn’t have the audacity to change it. When I will have found my clan/sect, I’ll use the scripture version they are using anyways without making a big fuzz of it. If they then would go full PC and change meanings, I’d just sneak out again, if possible. Easy

You are missing my point or maybe not. Idk.

My point is, the Pope doesn’t have the authority to change anything and it offends me that he is using his self-appointed VicAr as a tool for authority. If you are okay with that, then you are okay with any American preacher changing God’s Word, right?

Also, while I don’t think God Himself tempts man, He allows man to be tempted by Satan and has full control of said temptation so why change it? If Satan had the authority to tempt without Gods approval, I could see changing it. Your Pope is changing it to say that Satan temps leading one to believe it is apart from Gods grande design and authority. That’s okay. My preacher told me God is a confused woman, leading from behind Satan.