The African way of dealing with police brutality.

Should tazing be a lawful form of discipline for police?

It’s not a form of discipline, Michele. It’s a way to stop someone from doing what they’re doing. Whether this guy should have been tasered is an open question to me. What had he been accused of doing? If he had just murdered someone, then my answer is yes. If he wasn’t accused of anything serious and wasn’t posing a threat to anyone, then my answer is no.

So is a bullet to the head or heart with no ability for the criminal to pile sin upon sin.

Can you just watch and judge what you feel is right from watching the video, regardless of whether that person has done anything wrong or not?

I watched. I actually watched the first time prior to typing my last response. It wasn’t pretty. I don’t see how we can draw conclusions without context, however. If the guy had just shot up a school, he gets treated differently from the guy who just rolled a stop sign.

There is context. You are watching a man getting tazed. Is it right or wrong?

There is no context. I do not know why this man is being tazed. I need that context in order to answer if it is right or wrong.

For context, the man wouldn’t be still, even after being tazed.

You can’t know that without tasing him. Most people are stopped by tasers. If the guy had just committed a serious crime, he needs to be stopped. He appeared to be unarmed so shooting him would be excessive. Tasing him is the logical thing to do in such a case.

This all boils down to “what was he wanted for?”. If it was serious, he needs to be tased.

If he was going to a pro choice rally, should he have been tased?

Well, he was holding his firelighter and disturbing the peace. Apparently, he refused to turn it loose so they tazed him for it. He dropped it but they couldn’t let it go at that point and ordered him to be still but I guess when men with authority can’t stop a citizen from doing what they’re doing, in his case, jerking away from them, protocol is to repeatedly electrocute them.

Not when tear-gas has the power to clear a crowd.