If a class “E” felony carries up to 3 years, those in law enforcement who break the law should receive a six year sentence for their crime, in my humble, nothing-meaning opinion, of course.

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The guy on the right is a UK cop whose job it is to protect diplomats and parliamentarians. It seems he kidnapped and murdered the girl on the left during his time off. We don’t know if he raped her yet. To serve and protect.


Watching protest in Minn. come to an end. This is fucked. A 26 year veteran cop “mistook” her pistol for a taser and killed a guy who was pulled over for an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror. The cops are out of control.


Tragic accident. If we can have the victim declared a covid case, we can get him 9000 American tax dollars to bury him.

There’s an Act for that.

I watched two documentations last night. One was about police work, where a German actor playing a „hard“ dectective, joined several police forces as a visitor on their duty. The other one showed right after, was about violence towards women and sexual harassment only prevailent in the public, like streets and places.

At one point the actor admitted, he wouldn‘t pass the police test, as he wouldn‘t have the patience to deal with those criminals the way the police officers have to do. I totally get that. I wouldn‘t have that patience either. Of course there are also idiots among the police and sometimes there are given wrong orders regarding strategies/methods at demonstrations (for which examples were showed as well), but the majority of police officers belong to the good ones. At the other side, the disrespect and violence against the police (as well as paramedics) increased. Now we have plenty of areas, where people don’t dare to go when the night comes. And it was frappant, that on both documentations, you barely could see non-migrants. Actually I only can remember having seen only one. Today it‘s very common, that nearly every teenager already carries a knife, especially among male kids with migrant backround. A nice, old German couple, living in a so-called No-go-area, even already was so fatalistic to add to their reply to the question, if they fear leaving their apartment (which they do), that they have to die anyway sometimes and they are old already. So it doesn‘t make a real difference, to die a natural death or with a knife in their body. And then the German „justice“ system, lol, where a convicted rapist and murderer (that was the only non-migrant in those two(!!!) documentations with many arses), could leave the courthouse and go home, because his lawyer appealed right after the verdict. The parents of the dead girl couldn’t understand it. How could they. Our system is such a joke.

Gunda, it is polizei for you. Not police.

The German crime rate is among the lowest in the world. It is easy to pick out anecdotes. It would be very hard to improve the results. Countries that take a hard line with criminals almost always have higher crime rates than those who don’t.

This is our balcony on the 16th floor in downtown Vancouver. See that little ledge on the other side of the railing? Earlier today, our little cat, Lola, somehow made it onto that ledge. I don’t know how. There were no openings big enough for her to get there. Still, when Isa looked over this afternoon, there was Lola, on that little ledge, on the wrong side of the railing, 16 floors straight up, with no way of getting back. We knew if we tried to reach her, she could panic and jump. We also knew that if we tried to reach her, we could go flying over that ledge as easily as Lola could. We called the Vancouver Police Department.

They came promptly and didn’t make fun of us for calling them over a cat. On the contrary, they were kind and professional. They sat with Isa and talked to her calmly as she was freaking out. They called more officers and they called the fire department and they stayed with us until one cop came with a snare and brought Lola back to safety. Until that point, they knew not to get too close and make Lola panic. In every way, they handled the situation as well as it could be handled.

The police have been getting a lot of bad press worldwide lately. I can tell you this: the Vancouver Police Department has a fan here tonight. They were kind, professional, well trained and effective. Lola is a pain in the rear end but we love her and the VPD saved her life today. I am truly grateful to them.

no more balcony for lola

Right! The door is staying closed.

glad to hear the cat is ok;)

Wow. What an awful day. I’m glad it ended well.

Some would wonder why you opened it in the first place, especially since we just had a discussion not that long ago about Eric Clapton’s child falling from his 53rd floor balcony. Glad the cat survived.

After they finish with the cop, they need to arrest and indict the chief of police for the cover up.

Bad dude. They should be vaccinated with the same needle.

this from the atlantic
“Cars profoundly altered the relationship between citizens and the police,” the legal historian Sarah Seo wrote in her 2019 book, Policing the Open Road . “Because so many people drove, a vast and mostly ‘law-abiding’ population suddenly became subject to policing.”

Policing is necessary in America.

Undetected conditioning is acceptable practice.