Plumbing in the andes

consumed by grief, no doubt

based on something i read on the internet(est. reading time 5 minutes)

my big nancy would have wanted it that way
can i be unkind in this thread?

He talked with her for an hour, so he has a better feeling if he thinks she is right than someone that read an article for 5 minutes.

It is sad that the police were called for help and ended up killing him. If a vet has ptsd, perhaps showing up with 6 guys with weapons is not the best solution. Especially outside. It’s not like there was a hostage situation.

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it says in the 5 minute read that she didn’t know anything until it was over
talk to her all day
maybe tweet her too
so what?

in the five minute read you see what he said on the hotline was alarming enough to notify cops
they should have sent an unarmed lab tech to deal with the guy with a gun?
don’t ask me how i know, but
six cops show up when maybe i did something that ten would have been better

He had a gun. It was documented that he made threatening comments on the phone and told them “if the police get called, there’s going to be blood.” They didn’t pursue the option to bring in a clinician because of the gun. They also begged for 20 minutes.

it’s true
i have lived without plumbing
i have been with many women
but i denied them my essence

no attribution
that was from dr strangelove

here’s an oldie but a goodie

i capitalized my punctuation
i am nothing if not stylish

this is reg perched high atop the andes
he will be posting paragraphs about the steps he took to reach it
one paragraph one step
cept he didn’t
he wouldn’t dignify my question with a response
he was above all that
let’s look for my question
you can type while i think

found it

did you have plumbing

it’s in “g’day g’day”, i’m sure you can find it
i say it’s an honest question
seems like reg took it like i was calling him a poser
i asked to find clarity about his story about a tiny village

Heckler fits.
I’ve tried to reply to some of your posts but most are made up of endless riddles and they are almost always taking a jab at Reg.
I would actually like to hear how he climbed that ladder to success. I’m sure others would too.

Not riddles. Riddles have solutions. These are just jabs. Most of them are stolen lyrics or quotes (without attribution) interspersed with gibberish. I am irritated at myself for once thinking he held promise. I do not engage much anymore, as I am sure you’ve noticed.

I am no more successful than most, and far less successful than many. As I age, I am finding my definition of “success” is changing. Having achieved some level of comfort, I do not chase money much anymore. I do not even chase wisdom much anymore. I am trying to enjoy each moment I have, exactly as it is. I am finding that quite fulfilling.

reading that made me smile… good for you! :wink:

I pop in here once a day. I have no clue what you engage in. His posts are riddled. Let me fetch one for your viewing pleasure.

The tunnels, with a total length of 15,946 feet, or about 3 miles, were excavated to 56 feet and lined with 3 feet (300,000 cubic yards) of concrete. The tunnels could carry over 200,000 cubic feet - more than 1.5 million gallons - of water per second!
not two tons but
1.5 million gallons
who can say how much that weighs?

What’s :point_up_2:t2:

You’re a humble man, Reg, but why would you chase wisdom?
Wisdom is a gift, freely given to those who ask for it. Why chase what you have already been given, unless you didn’t ask for it?


I’ll bite…

He climbed the ladder to success with his pants down?
He climbed the ladder to success only to find there was no indoor plumbing, which is plausible since the title of the thread is “plumbing in the Andes”?

where to they hide the waffles?