Plumbing in the andes

Apparently, in your ears because I asked that question 3 months ago.

pakistan is a stupid country
china has face problems
reggie isn’t cauc
it bothers him

Russia steps up attacks on key Ukrainian cities, Biden warns Putin will pay a ‘high price’

it’s “groundhog day” redux the sequel part two strikes again

How the Finns Deter Russian Invasion

If you want ordinary people to make your society occupation-proof, you have to teach them to kill well before they need to do so.
plus it helps to live in the arctic
nobody wants to go there

Good advice, Graeme.

i’m simply stunning
it’s my job
when i’m not impersonating a greyhound

we got a dusting last night
we prolly won’t get any more this winter
i can see by the ol’ clock on the wall
it’s time to move the koi up to the high pasture for the summer
kinda like facebook for smart people

An article in the Friend from the August, 1863 edition stated President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation stands beside the Imperial Ukase of the Emperor Alexander, giving liberty to illions of Russian serfs. The history of nations grants to their supreme rules but few opportunities of thus immortalizing their names—the names President Lincoln and the Emperor Alexander will never die among the exultant millions of their emancipated fellow men.

Yet not all Russian officials were so optimistic, the Baron
de Stoeckl, Russia’s minister to America, continued
to persist for most of 1863 that the Emancipation
Proclamation was “futile,” and continued sending reports
of its weakness and of Lincoln’s troubles to Alexander.
that de steckle
he was facebook for smart people and a war criminal

the jewish (thanks reggie) ukrainian president
was wearing a shirt with a collar on TV today
previously he was wearing a sweatshirt
war is hell on laundry