Pit Bulls

we could be more civil but that wouldnt be right… it would remove any chance of the americas becoming civil…

Pit bulls are violent and dangerous animals. We should enact a humane genocide of the species to protect humans. This should be done by forcibly neutering all male pit bulls, something almost all animal rights organizations support. The only thing that should be changed is that we should ban breeding programs for this species. Let them grow old and die out, and let future generations of humans not be exposed to these dangerous animals.

Either you didn’t read the article or I can assume you disagree with the claim that insufficient socialization, training, exercise, and guidance, generate most Pitbull behavior problems.

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You can assume that, yes. The overwhelming evidence is that even well treated, trained, exercised and guided pit bulls can instantly turn violent and attack a human, often with devastating, life-changing results. They are a dangerous breed and should be exterminated.

Yes, Reg, the article you posted earlier proved that point, at least, in that instance.

no it didnt; there was no mention of any proper treatment, training or excercise but there was mention of abuse of the dog by cigarette burns in his previous situation
the article does mention that the dog was starting to show food aggression but it doesnt say how or if they even tried to deal with that

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You barely get to hear those background story of a dogs treatment prior of an attack. What I have learned yet, there always were something going wrong by the owners. That‘s why a specific training for EVERY dog as well as animal owner before that animal get‘s bought, should be mandatory.

What utter nonsense, only a dog hatred ignorant can spew.

Valid point but I agree with Reg. Speaking from experience, even a neighbor can play God, send out the kill command and a pit will obey. The only thing we disagree on is the killing of Pits. Reg seems to think all Pits should be genocided. I disagree. That’s like suggesting we put duct tape on all people of color just because black people have a tendency to be loud. Having said that, imo, all dogs that attack should be put down.

I think he thinks they should be sterilized. Not genocided. Genocide is “killing.” He doesn’t want them bred anymore. That’s not the same thing as animal control coming to every pitbull owner and euthanizing the dog.

I agree with sterilizing them. I don’t think it will be easy to do. It will probably involve lawsuits. The easiest way to enforce it would be after a certain amount of time after a bill passes that they are sterilized, if you have a pitbull under a certain age, action would be taken.

Those actions would be a debate.

I advise you to go reread his post.

What a stupid idea but I support sterilizing any race that thinks that way.

I advise you to.

It is true that I call this a genocide because my goal is to remove this entire species from the planet Earth, but I only hope to achieve this through sterilization. If we did this, in 10 to 20 years, pit bulls would no longer exist.

There are several species that should be destroyed, either through sterilization or other means. Invasive fish (carp for instance), mosquitos and others. Obviously we need to look carefully at what role they play in the ecosystem and be careful before proceeding but, if it is determined that the good outweighs the bad, we should proceed.

I did.

Exterminated sounds much more like genocide than sterilizing but it’s your post so you identify it in whatever way you want it to be.

Indeed, extermination sounds like a genocide, hence my use of the word genocide, but I clearly proposed doing that through sterilization.

“killing,” which is what genocide is, is deliberately causing death. So if sterilization deliberately kills the breed, I suppose it could be called genocide. It’s an interpretation. It’s not as clear as going into homes and euthanizing the dog. Either way, it’s just a word.

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The word you used was exterminate. I used the word genocide. Try to keep your story straight. Dan is making a case for sterilization through extermination apart from genocide and you need to help him.

Michele, work on the whole reading thing.