Pit Bulls

lol you should send them an email with your findings, am sure they will welcome it and rectify their report… well either that or have a good laugh at your “superior knowledge” :wink:

Perhaps I should, and perhaps you should send along your findings to the vastly more complete and statistically relevant vaccine studies around the world, and display your superior knowledge.

Nico, you’re a pretender who can’t do math. Give it up. Or keep making a fool of yourself. Either is fine.

This is excellent. If these trailer trash losers want to keep these violent animals, let their lives be destroyed when the dogs attack an old lady. While I would prefer they be executed by dog mauling, $120,000 will satisfy me for now, especially as you can’t go bankrupt on fines in Canada so these losers should do jail time.

lol that could be interesting but firstly this topic is about pitbulls and not vaccine studies? and you seem to keep forgetting that iam not you and i do not make ridiculous claims like you do;
i do not pretend to have any superior knowledge or claim that i can do anything better than anyone else

well… besides solving some easy chess puzzles that you cant :wink:

rip 86 year old woman…
it took the ambulance 30 mins to get there…

But you do make ridiculous claims about vaccines, Nico. And each of these betrays your total lack of understanding of probabilities and statistics. And I helpfully point that out occasionally.

And you make ridiculous claims about other topics. No, Nico, it’s not the fault of the ambulance. It is the fault of the violent dogs who should be killed (and will be, thankfully!) and their trailer trash owner.

i do? lol what ridiculous claims did i make about vaccines? i think people should decide for themselves what they take

i think there is a good probability that its just your illogical justification and its all in your head :wink:

what ridiculous claims are you talking about now? (besides the one you just made lol)

you seem to let your fear and hatred for pitbulls dictate how your brain works…

i wasnt there and the links i read were not very informative about what really happened besides that it took the ambulance 30 mins to arrive…

sure we can make assumptions and guesses:
at what location did this take place? where was she bitten? were those bites life threatening or did the dogs scare her into a heartattack? would she be alive if she was younger or if that ambulance arrived sooner?

my guess is that this poor old woman was at the wrong place at the wrong time and if those dogs were off their leash outside a dog park when this happened then no matter what else happened i would say the owner is to blame

As if there’s a difference between a pretender that knows math and a pretender that doesn’t besides the fact that one knows take away and the other doesnt.