Pit Bulls

redwood suffers from being a pine tree and has the grain to prove it
padauk suffers from being grainier than maple
maple suffers from not being reddish
cuz pipes burn

and walnut is soft
don’t give me yer socialist bullshit

this is corn


cute white pitbull :wink:

I’m dogsitting for a friend that lives 10 minutes away. It is a poorly behaved German shepherd that I have dogsat before. They are camping.

I got to there house yesterday at 520. I usually get up at 510. I got up at 430. I try to go in there back door with the key and I’m not having any luck. Both cars are in the driveway. I go in the front door after unlocking it and the house alarm goes off. I took the dog into the backyard to put it on a runner and went into deal with the alarm. After 5 minutes I found both alarms and disabled them by ripping them out of the wall. If I was unable to turn off the alarm, I was going to drive this dog that my wife hates and drop him off in my garage with the fan on. It is about 75F in my garage. Then I go to feed the fish, but there is no fish food. Also both their cars are in there driveway and I’m thinking, “I don’t think they’ve left yet.” I text them that I ruined their alarm system and cannot find the fish food. I go to work and leave their house at 550. I check my phone at 9 am and they reply that they have not left yet. Which is a bit vague. I apologize for ruining their alarm system. They replied that it obviously didn’t work well since I was there for 30 minutes and they didn’t know. So they were there the whole time. I laughed. I told my wife and she said, “so you got up at 430 for nothing?” It was so loud!!!

I guess that’s true. Today the dog ate and drank so fast and spun around so much that he threw up on my hand when I tried to leash him.

This is the same dog that was gouged by a pitbull. Those owners had to get rid of the pitbull, but got another pitbull. My friends dealt with the problem by simply not going for walks anymore.

You are way too nice. I hate the idea of pet sitting. Of course, these losers would probably just leave the dog for 2 weeks if you didn’t do it so it’s nice you did.

weird people but nice story :wink:
nickscafe, your friendly neighbourhood petsitter and masterburglar lol

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Funny story. Nice to have neighbors you can rely on to be there when you need them. I noticed you called them friends, twice, but your uhh friends called them weird losers.