Pit Bulls

ah 10 not 7… weird how that is not getting attention in main stream news

I’m not looking. I can’t watch. I don’t like violence. Thanks for that though. It falls a little short of entertainment but participation counts.

Weird, indeed.

yet a little girl hurting a little sheep you call fun for the whole family…
i guess stating you dont like violence is a start

I’m sorry. I’ll see if I can find something with a poor lost sheep knocks the little girl off. In fairness, I will search for a rabid one that will trample on her poor little body.

In the meantime, I found this man thing for your entertainment. I don’t like violent boxing (exceptfortyrelfortune) so I can’t watch.

trying to cure violence with more violence?
american logic…

you cant watch and dont like violence but…
you dont like violent boxing except…
thou shall not kill unless…

i see a trend

Tanks, Doc. Same time next week?

just letting you know what i see since you seem to view things in a very different way

Is something blocking your view then? It is entertainment. Some even call it sport.

Yeah, that’s what happens when you view something with your eyes open.

lol yes flowered shades in rainbow colours
and you have a pirate eyepatch?

what is sport to one is barbaric indoctrination of kids to another…

Funny. No I don’t.

…and I’ve been an excellent pupil.

yes but dont worry… its never too late to become more humane and renounce all violence (unless some other violent person kills you first)

Daniel does not strike me as someone to make laws about pitbulls. Just a guess. Not sure who the other no was/is.

just tell him all pitbulls are jewish and he will vote

the other no is thinko

The 3 Amigos


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I’ve had quite a busy week but I did get 2 hang out with these 2 nice pups and got my cat a bed.

Nice photos! Does your cat actually use that bed? I am toying with buying one like that but every time I buy her something she hates it and goes back to doing her own thing.

BTW, odd to post this in the vile Pit Bull thread. lol.

Today was the 1st time she has used it in 5 days lol. I think it is a little big but I think she likes it.

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