Orgasmic wine!

Come Hitler, have a glass of orgasmic wine. It is my desire to have intercourse with you. :wine_glass::wilted_flower::rose:

Don’t tell me this is embarrassing you.

:face_vomiting: Sorry! I’ll clean that up. Too much orgasmic wine. :wine_glass:

you seem to be obsessed with Hitler.

You seem obsessed with my obsessions.

It’s interesting, Wil, that you participate

You must be drinking orgasmic wine.

Did Hitler pour that for you?

I find it interesting that just yesterday I felt bad about myself.

But today…

Not so much!

I learn so much here

Coming into the manic stage now?

You feel it too huh? lol

If it is old musty fart air for lazy people then certainly Reggie does. Although his d.o.b. is similar and different this is greatest with him. I hope you two don’t give in to the laziness.

Idk, Mark! Lazy is always tempting!

Yes it is. Sometimes I have no choice and I have to try and make some minimal efforts were I can and I have, just minimal is the maximum effectiveness in some things and I have to not give in to need to do more to feel I accomplished anything as well as not to justify laziness.

I understand Reggie doesn’t feel good. But he does not understand that he doesn’t feel good. I don’t mean he is not making a good self diagnosis of himself and noting downgrades in performance and symptoms of illness whilst he pushes forward with work. What I speak of is that he does not realize his personality, his physcial person , his stinking suffocating air needed to support him do not feel good to others he throws himself off on because he has no functional drive.

It sems unfair to attack him in his complacency, but you understand his disgusting complacency is his attack. You could just call it settled in lazy comfortable position. One wthat you think it is impossible to loose footing or fall from enjoying wine. Wine saturation does not substitute a good vigorous shower or a flushing.

noun: complacency ; noun: complacence

  1. a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements.

Sometimes people are lazy to get you to think they are successful and complacent and so satisfied in their overhwhelming achievement or victory. Nobody feels stupider than Reg when he realizes he has pushed a turd into his briefs after his thrid glass of wine and stupid smile. I know he will never admit to it, but this happens to him during phone calls when he settles back.