Orgasmic wine!


Nothing makes sense when you are in fear debt. Anything you perceive as the source of fear you will dismiss as not making any sense if you are lazy. It makes you acknowledge things less and less, like avoiding looking at your bank statement and bills.

Wine puts they guy into fear debt. Suddenly he can’t stand up. Suddenly he is standing up but did nothing to upright himself. He gives an answer that doesn’t sound like his voice to a question he had no mental faculty to respond to. That is laziness, that is fear debt. To continue all he has to do is say something is too silly or it makes no sense. That something has to be the function and working process.

He takes care of himself but he feels like some invisible person bathed him and fed like an invalid. That some invisible person he draws on excessively for daily simple activities knows everything about him. And if that person actually exists, that person will make no sense. Because of excessive fear.


Reg has earned his right to be complacent and lazy if he chooses to do so.


I agree.


I claim that right by virtue of age.


You should stink more than he does Will by birth year and his theory. Let him know the truth.


Reggie is iterating a mantra every time he addresses you. Just like bullets on an outline always counter it in every statement.


Some guy is selling a Fuji X-A3 with two lenses and a case, all apparently in new condition, for $360 CAD. They’re over $1500 new. I’m going to meet him at 9 pm in a donut shop to do the deal. We’ll see if it’s real.


PS: This seemed as good a topic as any to post this in.


Score! It was real.