Calgary voted no. Good sense, my Albertan brothers & sisters.

The gossip mill is going crazy about the 2021 Olympics. I decide to make a poll.

Will the 2021 Tokyo Olympics be cancelled?

  • Yes
  • No

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will this poll get a statisically significant number of responses?
  • what are these bone spurs doing on my helmet?
  • our cities are burning to the ground
  • does figure skating exist

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i crack myself up

yes it will most likely be cancelled/postponed to 2023/2024 but iam not voting because i dont want to be alone on the same side as you again lol

The 2022 games are in Beijing. The 2024 games are in Paris. 2026 is in Milan. 2028 is in Los Angeles. Unless they’re going to do two summer games in a row in 2023 and 2024, or double up with a winter and summer games in 2022, it’s now or never. My guess is never.

ah ok if no postponing again and excluding a miracle that current vaccines might actually be effective then yes probably never

Even though my guess is never, I still hold out some hope. F1 put on an amazingly good season in 2020 and I never thought that would be possible.

if figure skating exists, why isn’t it mentioned in the bible?

it is (the section on walking over water)

pretty funny
but derivative
see my post on my frozen pond

must have missed that one, can you link it?

i said pretty funny
not very funny

lol that you did say

If they have it, it won’t have any fans. Might as well cancel it. It’s been cancelled over the years for various reasons. Either that or they could have it and only have Japan compete, but it won’t be much fun with only 1 country competing.

A year late and with no foreign spectators, but the Japanese aren’t giving up.

Social distancing is necessary during a pandemic.

Yes. I’m not knocking them. It’s going to be strange, though.

Everything about this pandemic is strange. Maybe it will eventually go away.