Old Friend From Park Bench

Good Evening All,

I was known as MidKitten or GrizzlyMidkitty.
I am curious how much bbad has changed in 3+ years.
It has been a while since I’ve stopped by.



Hi Holly. How’s life been treating you? Do the Grizzlies still exist?

Oh Wow! I remember. There were many.

Hello Midkitten. I was Bald Elvis and for a short time Grizzly Elvis then MyBigMoon.

Well isn’t that interesting.

Hi MidKitten.

You know, the funny thing about the Grizzly’s. I thought they all had something in common. I just can’t remember what it was.

I know one of the founders, Grizzly Error 404 died.

I’d like to know what happened to the guy who got the big Grizzly Chess Club tattoo. I’m not a big fan of tattoos in general but that one makes me chuckle. At least if you tattoo a girl’s name on yourself and she leaves you, you have a few memories and a story to tell. This guy just has a silly tatt of a chess club that (presumably) doesn’t exist anymore.

I wasn’t a Grizzly for long at all. Didn’t get along with most of them.

Why didn’t you get along with them?

I had no idea you had joined for awhile! You’re totally opposite from most of them in personality.

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I don’t know what I was thinking. Probably drunk. Most of them were assholes.

That club was very much a clan with clan mentality. One for all and all for one. I’m the opposite. I’m very much an individual and so are all of you as far as I can see. I do my own thing and if others do it differently, that’s fine with me. If I think any of you are being idiots, I say so and I don’t freak out when you all do the same to me. I have no trouble being friends with people who I think are idiots on some matters and who think I’m an idiot on some matters in return. It’s just a totally different mindset.

Yeah, I didn’t last long. I heard rumors of orgies.

They were mostly 300lb+. That’s not a good mental pic. Did you quit or get kicked out?

Quit. It was a short run. I found most of them to be egotistical blowhards.

I wonder whatever happened to Pete from Australia.

Were they good at chess? I can’t remember who was best. Albo was pretty good, but not great. I think most of the regulars were a little better than me, but I don’t remember anyone outstanding.

Some of the Grizzlies were very good. I played GrizzlyLoco a few times and lost the majority of the games. Most were average players and a few were terrible. They almost all took chess too seriously, imo. It’s a game, not a reason for living.

He’s dropped by a few times in the last couple of years. I remember him having some reverses in business and then he stopped coming regularly. Hope he’s ok. He must be 60 now.

Hi Reg,
There are some I keep in contact with. We haven’t gotten together in a decade or more. Grizzly Loco died a few years ago (he was the one with the large grizxly tatoo on his thigh.

Life is good. Married 9 years with two sons now.