40th Place – Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s place on the list will not be a surprise to anyone . In fact, it’s been struggling in several areas including low high school graduation rates

i lived in tulsa, okc, and muskogee
i’m surprised oklahoma wasn’t in the top 3 worst
if you go to oklahoma bring money and books
they don’t have any of either there

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or soap.

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Most red states suck. Except for real estate prices.

Where did Maine finish? Certainly, at least 39th.

I can’t believe there’s a topic dedicated to Oklahoma.

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Was Mississippi last?

I’ll take that as a yes.

Taking a guess could make you feel like you’re talking to yourself. Today is no different.

You just didn’t do your homework but that’s okay. You’re allowed to make one mistake in your life. I suspect you just made it.

Oklahoma suffers more tornadoes than any other state, has the highest per-capita rate of women in U.S. prisons, ranks second in the number of teen births per 100,000 teenage girls, and has the nation’s third-highest rate of uninsured residents, lowest in medical nutrition, protection for out-of-pocket prescriptions, individual insurance protections, Medicaid eligibility, and Step or “fail first” therapy. The worst place in the United States to live for anyone with a rare disease, a low 47th in education, 42nd in the nation for child well-being, 40th in the family and community domain and 43rd in health.




  • #47 Health Care

  • #39 Education

  • #34 Economy

  • #39 Infrastructure

  • #25 Opportunity

  • #32 Fiscal Stability

  • #41 Crime & Corrections

  • #42 Natural Environment

Now, when you compare that to Maine well, the image you receive is quite different.




  • #19 Health Care

  • #28 Education

  • #37 Economy

  • #42 Infrastructure

  • #27 Opportunity

  • #28 Fiscal Stability

  • #3 Crime & Corrections

  • #39 Natural Environment

It appears your little northern state doesn’t build much. A minor flaw for such an accomplished state.

many words for so little information
me thinks the lady

It must be time to analyze your words for information and show the world how little we get.
Don’t be concerned if you start feeling a little motion sickness by your own insipid words. It comes in waves around here.

you beat me the only time i tried to beat you

i lose

i hope the flesh falls from your bones

i win


i play

i don’t see the difference

i have stumbled

i realize how little sense my replies make

i play others online

i will hire a buffoon who tells me he can

i fear change

i have an emotional investment

i remember in tulsa

i worked 5 years in NYC for a groups of suits

i would run

i met the owner maybe 10 times

i thought

i think that’s arterial spurting

i was afraid of that trend

i’m gonna get my girlfriend

i am building a school desk for children

i don’t know who gets it

i don’t like to torture wood

i thought you were in South America

i’m gonna build a wall and mexico will pay for it

Your words exhibit selfishness. Now clean it up.

you are right
all sentences will be about you from now on
like magic

Damn right I’m right.

Listen, you twit. They don’t have to be about me but they need to be for me.

She’s in a foul humor this morning.

I was reflecting on your foul humor this morning. That’s what I get.

gosh that awful.
tell us more.

So who do you have sex with now?

does this mean your favorite barn animal is anxious this evening?

Interesting, your entertainment starts with what I get and ends with what I get. I get it.
That’s what I get.

This practice of faking people’s quotes is stupid and childish.