Oh yes I do

i reserve the right to have a topic named marjorie greene
or any thing similar to marjorie greene

i call firsties

Here I moved my post. I don’t think this individual should be nulled or invalidated.

Marjorie Greene was stripped of 2 assignments. I think that is appropriate. I think she honestly regrets her words and they were just empty senseless words to prevent a mind from freewheeling to nothingness. Lots of mental trauma and she seemed framed quite terribly in the balances of justice especially in regards to the women of color of the squad and everyone looking so devoid of life blood.

She looks plagued by thoughts of violence and porn. I think she has found her faults and addressed them. I think she should be allowed to continue, but removed if she cannot keep on track her recovery program.

You think too much. Maybe Biden will put her on the front lines of his first war.

my topic on a person who questions 911 got erased by someone who questions a moon landing
kinda like twitter for smart people

don’t cry

I think Michele is planning a child abduction.

It’s the small child with blonde hair in the pictures you showed us right Michele? The one that you typed shhhh and showed us pictures of?

That’s why we can’t say anything about people with blonde hair without you answering as that person? That’s why it isn’t our business, yet you are going to try put off the suspicion on us as well?

I already told you my answer is no to drugs.


You seem to try and overly impress somebody you can do adult things that require special “adult powers” . Your online stock trading, your house rentals, typing on the computer, driving.

But you know you are just as helpless in your diaper as any child.


I’m sick of your bullying and inferiority complex. You want to prove your smarter at any cost and your are such a racist that you are constantly having to justify yourself to other racists by plotting against us.

Don’t label as drug addicts or pedophiles. You are a coward. Go away.

why do you hate white people Mark?

Don’t label me a racist. Take three white people for instance: your wife, your daughter, and Michele here. Your wife helps you when your back is acting up, your daughter buys you a cake for your birthday, and Michele gives your name as a likely suspect when her grandson ends up missing when she knows where the child is.

You can’t honestly say you hate all white people now can you?

Besides despite Michele being white there are a lot of Asian women who commit crimes and have the same deceitful attitude she does.

And don’t take it as a lack of respect for women. It’s just knowing better an being more virtuous myself.

Don’t let your mind play tricks on you. With the exception of my own, I don’t even like children most of the time.

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Go away impotence.

Nope. Cant say I even have a clue.

I don’t know what you are rambling on about but it is completely nonsensical to me. I encourage you to keep trying to make your point. Eventually, I will get it, regardless how insignificant I may think it is.

Your implication that I’m trying to give or sell you drugs could get me investigated or falsely arrested. Drugs are not a game or a business to me. I do medicate on marijuana and I may start mediating on mushrooms someday. That’s my business and I’m entitled to share it if I want to.
I can testify to the fact that I’ve only been to the doctor once in 8 years and I have no intention of going to the hospital ever again unless I truly think I’m at the end of my life. Hospitals are for dying not healing.

You are very racy looking.


Mark, the average Joe now possesses the power to do what we once had to pay a professional to do for us. I made 3700.00 this week. How much money did you make? Robinhood is an incredibly user-friendly platform and they even spot you a little to start.
You can never know how expensive it is to have rental units. People go months and years without paying. Maintenance is an ongoing headache and renters disappear in the middle of the night to avoid payment.
I spend very little time on the internet or watching tv these days.
Driving is some kind of weird relaxing time for me. It gives me time to myself to think but I’m sure its not for everyone.
What else do you want to complain about?

I don’t wear a diaper…yet, but if I get tickled I might tinkle on myself by accident. It’s safe to assume I don’t laugh much these days. Mostly because you don’t say anything funny, ever.


I’m sick of your whining.

I only want to prove I’m human and should be treated as such, even by a price such as yourself.

Then you will be surprised to learn that my plotting consists of simple replies to your rants, bizarre as some of them are.

I would never call a virgin a pedophile. Although I might call you a voyeur.

If you can get everyone to agree with you, I’ll go away, forever.

You don’t know what? French?

French couple jailed after boy’s fatal beating revealed accidentally in call - BBC News

Do you ever dye your hair Michele?

I do. Well, more specifically Isa dyes it for me. I see no reason at all for going grey.

who do u let dye your pubes?
or is it whom?

rudy is going to jail
cuz you don’t call for trial by combat
unless you got a better reason
hillary’s dog ate her email

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