Oh yes I do

3 triple scotches made him call it.

What acts would make somebody not a virgin? Anything you did with that deceased person you referenced? Did you have sex with her, and was the last time with COVID? What position was it (was your weight making it difficult for her to breathe) also what were your weights and cholesterol and lipid levels at the time? Were you both smoking at the time with COVID the last time you has sex?

Mark, tell us why no women will have sex with you. neverrmind, we already know.

What was the BMI averaged between you two? The 2 as 1.

Mark, tell us why no women will have sex with you. never mind, we already know.

You trained with the Filipinos you supposedly picked on? You used to challenge groups of them naked in the hot steaming jungle right?
Like this?

How much military service did you do? These are inferior people to you who are supposed to yield to your bullying? Do you have some videos of you training naked in the jungle military style?

Oh and I have some flyers of missing filipinas in areas you mentioned when you were stalking me asking if any were familiar to me. No leads. You want to feel a filipino/filipinas life slip from their fingers to you? Are you a priest or medic?

wtf is wrong with you?

You keep reinforcing the idea That somebody has no rights or even a right to live because of being Filipino or even Mexican. If you have even a shoplifting charge on your record that you have no police protection from an individual like yourself. You seemed to want forced sex or take somebody else’s life and anyone Filipino or Mexican owed you their life if they had a misdemeanor offense and was supposed to be in shame and not oppose you.

You also named several areas in the county here when you kept harassing me with repeated questions. Where you in these areas?

Here is a case I don’t have any leads on. There are several like this. Do you have any information?

Did you leave Florida during the time this person was last scene or are any asian or Latina petite women missing in your area?

get a grip crazy one.

Do you want a knock on your door and a news crew?

your daddy was a steward right?

Are you a registered sex offender? Can’t move without sending out new letters can you. Sounds like checkmate.

No. but you are a convicted felon

what was your number in prison goofball?

not your daddy

You know I was going to share some pictures/video of my niece’s wedding. I don’t think that is a good idea when you see the life you don’t have.

They should hose you down with another cheap coat of house paint.
If your body was a building it would be condemned.

We are secure that your pain won’t allow you to do any harm to others.

so your daddy gives you erections. that’s interesting.