North Korea

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Yes!!! Best news all week.

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Agreed! Pity it was probably painless. Murderous son of a bitch.

Do you think the doctor butchered it on purpose? I wonder if the surgeon is still alive. Could be a national hero. Hell. Could be leader.

I wondered both those things myself. Since they’re not yet admitting he’s dead (if that’s even true), it’ll be a long time before we find out. NK might be in an all out power struggle right now as tubby had no known heirs.

True. He has a 31 year old sister but I’m not sure she would want it and I can’t imagine she would be allowed. Are women allowed to drive there?

This is true, which is why I posted a story stating clearly that a leading Hong Kong broadcast network had reported his death, not that he actually died. You might’ve noted I even said “if that’s even true” when talking about his death, which I look forward to celebrating.

I didn’t read past the first post before I googled to fact check. I did catch that after my premature post.

uncle google to the rescue! the real god of our current century

premature enunciation?

interesting, he didnt attend the birth anniversary of his grandfather and hasnt been seen since april 11… wouldnt surprise me if he has/had corona

dont want to start any rumours but late june 2019 he shook hands with trump…


Rumors!! All I’m hearing on the news is rumors and more rumors. Let’s try to stick to facts. Lord knows you need it.

facts are but theories and opinions that are not yet disproven

Lol@ disproven. If only you could put your faith in facts. I guess for you even that is not mentally possible. If you can’t trust the truth enough to believe in it and you can’t believe facts because they simply haven’t been disproven yet, what do you believe in?

faith=complete trust or believe in something or someone usually religious based…
i believe i have no faith

But I didn’t ask you if you had faith. I believe we established that long ago.

you asked what i believed in… lol