North Korea

Yes I asked what you believe in. Not what you don’t believe in. You obviously don’t believe in faith since you have proclaimed publicly that you have none which is a complete lie but whatever.

so you dont believe that anyone can believe they dont believe in something?

No, I don’t.

makes sense, you probably think faith is needed for that lol

No I don’t. I was born with it and so were you.

yes i understand… otherwise your entire religion would not make any sense to you either

You’re the only twisted sister that makes no sense to me.

which is weird to me, i think iam quite simple and straight to the point;)

You’re an expert at hide and seek.

Playground games.

There’s an invisible enemy on the loose and it do love to hide and seek its next victim. You seem like a perfect target.

i wouldnt say expert but yes i do like to play and have fun

iam right here and i fear nothing but myself

Yourself? You fear you? Why?

iam the only one that can hurt me

I disagree and if you will just come a little closer I can show you how you have lied to yourself.

that would be interesting but good luck with that

I don’t believe in luck. Do you?

yes but i guess it depends on your definition
i think we are very lucky to be born in our countries instead of some poor area of africa

we will believe it when we see him! after all he did shake hands with trump lol