Nice try


I’ve read that before and even said the same thing just yesterday somewhere else. Would you like to correct me?


What are you on about? I never correct your spelling/grammar errors.


That’s because your too busy correcting my great president.


Perhaps you should run for office.


I guess a new POM is inconvenient today.



Sorry, couldn’t resist. :smiley:


Drives you crazy doesn’t it.


Like looking at a broken knight on a chess board.


It drove me crazy when the net was young. Now, when 90% of the knights are broken, it’s just the new normal.


You are making it impossible for me to argue the point.


PS: I’m going to go do some work soon. It won’t be me “going silent”. It will be me doing work and not being here for awhile.




I read your spelling error but because of your erratic behavior I was unwilling to correct you, thinking it might cause your head to explode.


Ifn i tot spelin erz wood make youre head explod I woud make them ofen.


Sorry, not ignoring you. Just very busy.


You already do make them often, Michele. :slight_smile: Everyone just ignores them to be polite.

Ever helpful.


Stiks n stoners smartazz


You must be talking about President Putin.


I don’t know what you’re talking about. Will calls him the fat orange idiot. That’s exactly the respect he deserves. :smiley:


He sexually assaults a few, pays prostitutes and buys mail-order-brides. Such a stud. :slight_smile: