Nice try


I won’t count my chickens just yet but…


I didn’t say grooming. I said hounding. Reg should have his spell check examined.


Scroll up and read your own words.


I did you stupid fuck!

This reminds me of the “There, their and they’re” incident. And what are you going to do about it? Insult me? Hahaha! Please do because there is nothing I like better than the thought of slapping you to the ground with every hateful word you speak.


So much anger.


So much fun.


We should keep this up for at least 2 years. Perhaps until the election? A good long time to soak it all in. The idea is to make you so hot you sweat from your eyes. This could take a while as I don’t want to just come out and ask you to sweat when a surprise workout is much more entertaining for the rest of us.




Mmmm, I love it when you play along. It would be nice if you would wake your partner in crime for a POM change.


I have no “partner in crime” but I agree about the POM.


I don’t!


I’ve changed my mind!


Let’s take the cotton fields out and put something there that’s more complimentary to this occasion.


Didn’t you tell me once you built furniture?


Pardon me if I don’t wait on your slow response.


I know exactly what would be fitting for this occasion.


The POM of the dick hiding in the tree.


There are other websites where you can see pictures of dicks if that is your desire.


The dumbass can’t spell.


This (below) is my favourite example of that. In boasting about his intelligence, he shows he doesn’t even know the word “pore”. lol.