Nice try

omg that would’ve been brilliant. I hope they try again after the 2 years are up.

Me too. Make em live in it.

Things like this remind me endlessly that there are two Americas. There’s the koolaid drinking half that thinks Trump can do no wrong and then there’s another half that really gets it and brilliantly resists, often with class and style like this bunch who tried to stick it to the Saudis.

Mueller is closing in . . … oooh and the kids too. OMG

Typically this side has the stamina to try again in two years.

Nice try? It’s practically effortless!

Right! Nice try!

Brave fucker aren’t you?

I know how disappointed you must be. Imagine how disappointed I am.

You groomed me for months and when we get to this point I find out why and it’s shallow and I’m disappointed because I thought the end result would be something different than this.

When I don’t follow the rules of your perverted little game, you act like I’m just doing it all wrong. Even tho there are no rules.

Why don’t you show yourself, Will?

Perhaps it’s because you are actually afraid of what I’m going to say to you.

No silly! That’s not it!

I’m sure you are waiting for me to stop talking so you can tell me how simple minded I am.

Tell me, Will…

What did you hope to accomplish in me?

Please tell me something cold. Because you know I must like it or I would leave wouldn’t I?

I don’t remember any grooming. From my recollection we started off arguing about the fat orange idiot soon to be jailbird.

I have. Look at my avatar.