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No, Dan, I don’t think he would be alive if he was white. If police kill more black, it is probably because blacks aren’t showing responsibility with their weapons.
I believe you!


Why, Reg? Do you have something against people who work hard for their money? If being rich offends you, why don’t you give all your money to the poor so they can be more rich and you can be more poor. Or can you be satisfied knowing they are less poor than our poor?


That’s the myth. The reality is that none of them got there by hard work, rather they inherited, lied, cheated, broke laws and whatever their greed led them to do. They are nothing to celebrate and to imagine you have anything in common with them is laughable.


Them? Who are you talking about because I’m just talking about people who work hard and save their money.


What would you know about what I have in common with “them” or anyone for that matter?


No, Michele, I have nothing against people who work hard for their money. By that standard, it is far better to give a bunch of undeserved money to blacks, who generally work far harder than millionaires. I’d be fine with exempting black millionaires.

Of course, I’d rather not give any undeserved money to anyone, black or rich or both. Trump’s tax cut was an atrocity, and it has done nothing at all for your economy aside from triple your deficit for your children to pay.



Target raises their minimum wage to 13 dollars an hour. A good step. Or course 13 dollars is different in eastern Massachusetts compared to Indiana. One of the few cases where states rights might be a good thing would be minimum wage.

I get my annual 2% wage in 3 weeks lol.


A Texas nurse was fired again by her hospital for posting antivax shit. Interesting case. She probably shouldn’t be a nurse in the first place. If she encouraged patients to not be vaccinated, then she should have been fired. If she was just showing to the world her opinion and how dumb she is, that’s another thing. I wonder if she was a good nurse. She might have really cared about her patients. Too bad she is so ignorant.


Ah. It was about a patient and the measles vaccine. She didn’t mention the patient but it could have been traced. That’s an automatic firing. In fact, posting it was dumber than her opinion.


Dan, I was curious about your thoughts on unvaccinated children being transported across the border illegally. Not those captured but those who make it into our cities.


I am against any unvaccinated child going to school. I’m not sure I answered your question because I don’t know the status of the family or child.


You didn’t but I didn’t expect you would. For clarity, I was referring to undocumented children spreading diseases because of a porous border wall.
It must be a difficult thing to support vaccinations but not at the expense of demanding a border wall to protect Americans from disease.


Hook, line and sinker.


It’s a fair question. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No need for a response. I do understand that resistance of Trump takes precedent over American lives.


Michele, have you ever thought that, rather than spend hundreds of billions on a border wall to solve this problem, your country might just spend a few hundred dollars on vaccinating refugee children?


Your question was vague and didn’t have enough details, but with your sarcasm I will not respond. No need for me too.


You’re right There was no need to respond. I spoke the truth to you and you dodged the truth with accusations of sarcasm. Although I may have been speaking in a sarcastic tone under my breath. The point is, you dodged the truth of the issue. I don’t care. Nothing new under the sun.


Your slavish devotion to scumbag trump is repulsive and revolting.