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San Francisco just threw out over 9000 convictions for marijuana possession over the last 40 plus years. Its a great move, as long as they don’t sue for lost wages and prison time served. At the time it was illegal and even though there are tons of ridiculous laws, you have to follow them. There are a lot worse cases of wrongful convictions than someone that did actually break the law. Hopefully in 3 years we can make it legal federally.

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I think Canada will be an interesting example for the next democratic President. We legalized it totally. We were the first major nation to have done that, others having only decriminalized it. Then… nothing happened. Nothing at all. Canada looks exactly the same as it did before.

Florida convicted a cop? 25 years minimum. Seemed like a no brainer. Funny that one of the charges was attempted murder. He was successful, so I would have thought that was murder. Lawyer speak sucks. Just talk like a real person and quit trying to confuse people.

California just suspended the death penalty. Amazing that they have over 700 people on death row. I assume the governor wants a vote to abolish it. Seems like a no brainer. Totally barbaric. It seems murder by definition.

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Italy banned unvaccinated childrenj from going to school. Seems like another no brainer.

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Both are excellent moves but the Italian thing is a first as far as I know. I wish we’d do that in Canada.

PS: By the logic of the death penalty, someone convicted of rape should be…well, enough said. I don’t want to live in a world where two wrongs make a right.

It looks like 7 officers killed a man who was asleep in his car in California. You guessed it. He was black. Apparently, he fell asleep or was in some unconscious state at taco bell. Not sure if he was holding up the drive thru line. He fell asleep with the car running, so it was locked and police had trouble waking him up. He had a gun on his lap. When he finally woke up, he looked up and had 7 guns pointed at him. He probably didn’t know where he was or that they were cops. He reached for his gun and from the video it seems like he was shot close to 50 times through his car.

I’m not sure what the charge should be. Probably manslaughter. The cops probably did act in self defense. Eventually. They probably should have called an ambulance. Not handled well at all. He was 20.

It looks like new Zealand is going to not allow semiautomatic weapons. After 1 mass shooting? We’ve had 1,981 mass shootings and we are going to stay firm here.

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Yeah Dan. I’m not sure what the process would be (even if you stopped selling them) to round up the multi-thousand semi-auto rifles already out there. I don’t think they would be lining up to turn them in. However if the Orange Fuhrer ordered it, which he may some day, they all might just lick his boots and say "yassah Massa).

True. Its too late for a lot of it. It would probably be better if they were made illegal to buy/sell. Moreso, than rounding them up. Most mass murderers around here don’t seem like criminals, and have little trouble buying them. I’m not sure the answer and it seems, I’m not the only one. Not with 1,981 mass murders and no changes.

I can’t believe Will would support allowing our government to take our guns, knowing that leaves us without the ability to fight back, should our government turn on us.

The orange Furer is the only thing standing between you and the government taking your guns. Why would you twist the truth and imply he would take them?
Oh that’s right, because every single thing that happens in any country is Trumps fault. I’ve already heard Trump being blamed for New Zealand. Getting rid of one type of gun is not going to solve the problem because the problem is not in the gun. It’s in the twisted mind of man who seeks control and power. Man can get that power with any weapon.

That implies he was killed BECAUSE he was black. It is people like you who are consistently feeding this race war Obama started feeding several years ago. He wasn’t shot because he was black and you know it. You also know it is illegal to carry a gun without a license in this country. (Excluding Oklahoma after November) Did he have a license? If he had a license, he would have been trained up to be more responsible. If he had not had that gun in his lap, he would not have spontaneously reached for it. He was a careless idiot. It’s a shame he lost his life because of it but that is the consequences of his actions.

Dan, do you think we should make reparations for slavery?

Good question. I realize you asked Dan but I will chime in. I definitely do not support reparations for slavery.

No that’s fine! Why not?

I never said I supported the idea. I am a gun owner.

You think he’d still be alive if he was white? Interesting theory. Police definitely kill blacks at a higher rate. Here is a link, incase you don’t believe me.

No. I do not. It does not anger me, but I’m against it. It’s not in the top 15 of poltical topics that I’m interested in. If someone says they are for it, I would not care. There are a lot of other topics more important.

While I am against reparations, I will state clearly that I’d rather cut an undeserved check for every black person than for every millionaire which is what the orange idiot did with his tax cut for the rich.

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