New World

I meant “litter” as in spamming of repetitive posts. I didn’t mean to suggest all other posts were of great quality. I tend to search Google News for “bestiality” every month or two and post whatever I find. I don’t pretend that’s high quality work.

Well I don’t know what you mean. Everything I’ve been posting has been new to me.

While that may be true, it is very repetitive. You have posted a dozen or more things this morning from some lunatic Telegram group called “Dismantling The Cabal”.

What was repetitive?

lol you remind me of taya, she usually thinks everyone is out to get her as well

why dont you stop your mindmapping techniques, reg? :wink:

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A good life doesn’t have to be happy or even meaningful.

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I like this new TikTok embed. I find myself sometimes clicking them now.

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