New World

In this new world I wonder what other changes we will see.

trump in jail hopefully.

Finally a laxed phone.:heart_eyes:

Royale is the beginning of something new but they clearly have a lot issues to work through.

“Even when its screen is fully open, the Flexpai is never truly flat. Its screen often has a bump or a slight ripple in it, a likely side effect of multiple bending sessions.”

On the bright side, It looks plastic so maybe it won’t break.

“Meanwhile, actually closing and opening its display is a constant struggle. And on a couple occasions, just bending that display caused the Flexpai to randomly turn off.”

A sure sign those oh-so-intelligent technicians don’t know what they are doing.

Wow. You really don’t know what you are talking about do you?

It’s a way for people with more than 10,000 followers to make money.

It’s a change I hope to see. You were wondering.