New World

In this new world I wonder what other changes we will see.

trump in jail hopefully.

Finally a laxed phone.:heart_eyes:

Royale is the beginning of something new but they clearly have a lot issues to work through.

“Even when its screen is fully open, the Flexpai is never truly flat. Its screen often has a bump or a slight ripple in it, a likely side effect of multiple bending sessions.”

On the bright side, It looks plastic so maybe it won’t break.

“Meanwhile, actually closing and opening its display is a constant struggle. And on a couple occasions, just bending that display caused the Flexpai to randomly turn off.”

A sure sign those oh-so-intelligent technicians don’t know what they are doing.

Wow. You really don’t know what you are talking about do you?

It’s a way for people with more than 10,000 followers to make money.

It’s a change I hope to see. You were wondering.

this imaginary world that you live in.

the degeneracy I see is the degeneracy you post.

What person exposes us to it?

Thank God because what I posted was the world you blindly live in, willingly vote for and fully support.

In a minor fit of temporary insanity, I bought this Casio online. Call it an inexpensive lesson in not wasting your money on cheap watches.
i am not familiar with every watch

I’m going to expose you to all of it because you clearly aren’t getting exposure through CNN.

What was the problem? Did you have to wind it up to make it tic?

that is how I think of you and your world of delusions.

Let me show you the real disgusting world we live in, Will. It has changed a lot since you traveled last.

To me, these last 2 are the least vulgar images but the most offensive.

Last one. If I haven’t made you sick yet, I’ll try again later.

does canada have political parties?
what are they called?
just kidding
me and many people wouldn’t even care

uhm thanks, this is a good reminder not to click on your links again :wink:

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I don’t give two shits what you click on.

rough morning Michele?

its not easy looking into a mirror and not liking what you see

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