New House


Looks really nice, Jon. I like snow. In pictures.

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I went out oolichan fishing a few days ago, got some night shots starting at sundown. Will go through them and post


Brilliant, although fishing sounds unpleasant.

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Still better than ice-fishing afaik…


My thirst for knowledge has totally changed lately. I think it is making me more intense. Not sure if that is a good thing. In my 20s, I was not interested in learning new things besides stuff at work. Or maybe that was enough. I guess at that point we are always learning. Now 39 and homeowning, the only things I am learning are areas of interest on my own. At work, I teach. I learn a little, but mostly from teaching and fixing problems. Not anything from scratch. I found homebuying and selling confusing, but now I know how to and probably won’t for 20 years.

Now, I’m onto fun stuff. Car detailing, landscaping, baking, improving at chess, fixing broken stuff or trying to fix broken stuff. All I do for physical activity is yoga. Probably 2 or 3 days a week. It is quite physical actually. That’s all I have time for now. I don’t half ass anything anymore. Except for my fantasy baseball draft in an hour.

I ate 15 raviolis yesterday at lunch and have not felt good since. From 4 PM yesterday to 9 PM yesterday, I felt so unproductive, because I was too ill-feeling to clean the leaves out of the gutters.

I am hoping the lab gets inspected tomorrow. We have a regulation inspection every 2 years and they give a window of when it will happen. Other labs actually inspect you, and you inspect another lab on a year that you are not being inspected. It is actually more tiring inspecting another lab than being inspected. Our inspection window is February 13th to May 12th. If they find a deficiency, you usually have 1 month to fix it. Some are fixed on the spot. If you have the same deficiency, two inspections in a row, you can be forced to stop running a test, if it affects that test. Work has been having its usual ridiculous deadlines that I just laugh at at this point. Those always make you think faster and sometimes that’s a good thing.

I went to the dentist last week and the dentist mentioned that I should not use mouthwash. This was the first time, I had heard a dental expert say this. Just floss, brush and use an end tuft toothbrush at the end for a polishing type thing.

Looks like this…


This was right after I bought a 3 pack of Costco 1.5L mouthwash.

Sorry for all the ramblings. Not sure what it had to do with my house. Maybe, I wrote it so Reg has 5 minutes to kill in his hospital bed with his lowfat cheese.

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You can buy screens for your gutters that keep the leaves out but let the water flow through.


Yeah. I have them in the back. They are 25 feet up lol. These are above the garage. They are only 10 feet up so it should only take 15 minutes with an 8 foot ladder. I thought they had guards but I guess not.


I totally enjoyed your rambling and you’re right, I have nothing else to do. lol.

I’m also more interested in things now but I’m getting quite serious about cutting back on my news intake. It has been unhealthy for the last two years. I’ve also given up on improving at chess. My best chess was in the early 2000s and it wasn’t that good. Now I play my phone now and then to kill time.

Never heard anyone warn against mouth wash before. Do you know his reasoning?

Tomorrow is a big day. I meet an orthopedic surgeon who will tell me if I need him to cut the infected area out or if antibiotics are enough.

The hospital administration called and told me that because I am not Colombian some things are not covered and I have to pay out of pocket. I was concerned. She came to my room with a serious looking face and told me that, if I need surgery, I might have to pay a percentage of the cost but don’t worry it’s capped at no more than $70 for the whole hospital stay including surgery. lol.


lol. I actually laughed out loud. No wonder you got lowfat cheese.

She says mouthwash destroys the good bacteria, too.

I will probably give up on chess in a few months. It is getting nicer out. Good luck!