Might as well be open about it

I would be amazed if this stage design was intended to resemble a Norse rune used by Nazis.

I’m not at all. I think, over time, they will become more bold about who and what they are.

I used to have runes. Now I just use this site for rune draws and other stuff.
FREE Rune Readings (


Hope you are well. There is no surprise here whatsoever and that symbol was carefully selected–probably under the auspices that nobody would know or recognize it. These people are THAT evil.

trumpsters are nazis.

Here in Hope,BC a guy in the McDonald’s was spouting loudly about how great Arthur Topham the BC nazi twice convicted of hate crimes was and a Asian man supported him I mouthed him off the other dozen ppl did nothing but 3 of them stated , He won’t be staying in town.” Referring to me as I exited the fat nazi’s grandson said “ We hate having to hang with our grandpa.”” Tina at the public library was instructing a child how to give the nazi salute in front of half a dozen ppl. I contacted the Mayor the library board and Bnai Brith and the Hope Standard library . Bnai Brith BC director contacted me in March when Topham died of cancer. Bought a ft long Subway sand which today the Sikh cashier told a customer I was very anti nazi which I took as a compliment. Saw more anti Jew stuff here in 4 months than the previous 58 years of life. Die Juden was on one of the stalls of the bathroom of the Kingpin Lounge I covered it up.

This is what I said in another thread:

Long time supporters of Israel that I have known for decades are now saying “Israel has gone too far”.

Those people you are talking about are kids on campuses and graduates who have been carefully conditioned by college professors.

I am 59 and a Zionist. I want Hamas to free the hostages and Canada to ban the IRG and move our embassy to Jerusalem.

True but it’s not just them. It’s every young person and most old people in the western world.

The other day saw a swastika drawn under the bridge to the Hope Golf Club took a pic of it and sent it to Bnai Brith and CIJA the latter thanked me for my trouble and asked me to keep them informed. I posted the pic on my Flickr page Greg Carr 2012 if you want to see it. In the HOC today the Justice Minister quoted CIJA and the Tory leader again condemned Hamas. On another matter just about to watch the Oilers game hope they win. In America they have an unprecedented heat wave for this time of year. 34 polling clerks died of heat on election day in India and a number of Jordanians died of heat doing the Hajj in Mecca.

60 Jordanians and over 300 Egyptians. Foolish pilgrimage.

The Koran says you must make it once a lifetime minimum if you are capable of it. I am no Moslem but if they can get polygamy legal in Canada way to go.

You got your way on one of those points today.

You must be rejoicing.

I looked. The first image was bamboo and the rest were images of a man onstage having what looked like a mouth orgasm.

Somehow I perceived polygamy as an intrusion on your personal and spiritual convictions.

No the Bible has polygamy King David and Solomon who wrote books of the Bible.

That didn’t make it right.

If GOD says polygamy is okay what is the problem with it ? JESUS and JEREMIAH never got married or even laid Peter had one wife. The feminists say polygamy results in to many children yet the experts tell us our birth rate is too low at 2.1 . King Saul had a number of wives there is a list of polyagymists of the Bible on the WWW.