Bringing Up Baby and The Philadelphia Story. My most favourite movies and my most favourite actors: Grant, Stewart and Hepburn. Stewart being the most beloved one, Grant the most handsome and funny.

The Philadelphia Story

Grant’s firy eyes and smile, lol.

Bringing Up Baby

You should watch Star Trek Discovery, Gunda. Then we could chat about tv together, lol.

Despite being a little Treckie myself, that new series didn‘t catch my eyes yet. But another hilariously funny movie with Grant did: „Arsenic and Old Lace“. I don‘t know any actor with more talent than him. He manages to play comedic scenes without coming across like a comedian.

Gregory Peck is another charismatic icon to me on the screen. This is my favourite scene in my favourite movie with him.:joy:

This looks interesting. It came highly recommended by Hubby’s brother. I’m not really much on tv these days but I value his opinion and love Densel Washington so I may watch it.

This is hard stuff. Especially as parts of the movie are based on the life of a real person, Souha Béchara. The plot is about a woman with a terrible past, which she wants her both - or rather three - children, who all fled to Canada, as well as her torturer and rapist to learn about. Only then she allowed her children to put a grave stone with her name on her grave.

Watched it yesterday with the result that I only want to see comedies for the rest of this year.

Watched half of it last night before it got too late. Will finish today. You’re correct. It is hard stuff but hard to break away from.

Did you watch also the rest? Nothing worth to tell about it or just still in shock?

Was going to finish it last night but ended up at hospital. Thankfully was able to come home. Will probably finish it tonight. I can say it is shocking.

All ok, Will?

Yes for now. COPD of course. Have an appt. with pulmonary guys this afternoon. Interestingly, my PA was a trumpster and we were actually able to have a civil conversation.

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What did you do, threaten to eat his children by morning.

How on earth did you know that?

I could hear you filing your teeth down.

I’ve been in here about 10 times today. Internet. Go att. I think I’ll go find a cafe to hang out in.

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I finished it tonight. I thought it was shocking halfway through. The true shock came at the end. Not for everyone but I thought it was excellent.

Do they have christian cafes in the outback in Oklahoma? Do you have to show your cross to get in? Do they serve loaves and fishes?

That’s actually not a bad business idea.

When Michele says cafe she really means bar.