fish sandwiches?

People love exclusive places, especially if they are among the permitted and others are the excluded. It would have to be a private club as excluding non Christians wouldn’t be allowed in a public restaurant or cafe. Maybe sell memberships cheap but make people declare that Jesus is Lord first. Once they’re inside, it’s legal to sell them anything at all since it’s a private club. Maybe Jesus Fish sandwiches and wine that comes in a water bottle so you can pretend your water turned into :wine_glass: just like Jesus did.

They could have different levels of membership (ala Scientology) which would require vigorous testing of scripture knowledge and washing the feet of criminals. Plus more money.

You guys are silly. Why would you go to all that trouble when you can read a few books, lie about getting saved and crucify Jesus again.

Just ask Reg. He has gained the whole world.

Not feeling chatty?

You cowardly fkers just let me know when you’re ready to talk to me instead of about me.

Oh, sorry to hear that.

Hi Gunda! Let’s visit!

So I’ve asked both Will and Reg. I would like to pose the same question to you.

Why did you get baptized?

You know, because I’m a busy body like that.

Michele, it’s 12:38 in the morning. I’m guessing everyone else is asleep. As will I be in a few minutes.

Okay! Good night, Reg.

Yes indeed. First I thought at the end, that this coincidence was too much. But the longer I thought about it, the less unrealistic it get‘s. Especially in a small country like the Libanon which furthermore reduces the areas of access even due to the different rival groups. Now what I still wonder about is, why she wanted her children to bury her naked and with her head faced down.

Not sure, if this was addressed at me. But I had no say in getting baptized. No one did ask me if I want, as I was a baby.

Oh. Okay. Were you baptized in a Catholic Church?

It was addressed to you. Sorry

I suppose it doesn’t really matter. You have never received salvation. Thank you for sharing that with me and I apologize for lumping you in the same pot with Reg.

I accept your apology. But what do you mean with „salvation“? To get the holy confirmation? I got that. But also then no one did ask me and I was still too young to question it.

How did you “get confirmed” if you were just a baby?

Maybe it was a way to force her children to get to the truth of what happened. I was astounded when she was at the pool and saw the 3 dots and the mans face and had the realization of what happened.