Wow! This woman is spend happy. We are going to have to have deep pockets if we want her to lead our country.
I hope Trump has some sort of strategy to addressing this unrealistic spending spree Warren would undoubtedly go on.

On the other hand, America is ready for a woman to lead the country. Who cares if she spends money frivolously. No past President has had to maintain a cost effective budget.

We just think money should be spent on different things. You have no problem spending money on nukes, jailing people, and walls. I look at that as ludicrous. Probably the same way you look at medicare for all. I don’t think your president is exactly being frugal at all. It’s just about where you are going to spend money.

You are so right, Dan. All I can think about is how do we defend ourselves, protect society from lawlessness, and fund cheap border security.

I like her plan quite a bit. The ultra rich don’t pay enough in taxes. This should help that problem.

I’d vote for Bernie’s too.

It looks like Biden should change parties.

God knows Trump hasn’t. The first thing he did was to cut taxes for the rich and plunge the USA into trillion dollar deficits, tripling the Obama deficits.

My woman isn’t feeling well today. She’s been under the weather for a while. She thinks she has sinusitis and it took a week to convince her to get some professional advice. At about 3pm, Isa (Erika) finally agreed to see a doctor. Let me tell you what that entails here in Colombia.

I sat down at the side of the bed and loaded the Grupo EMI app on my phone. I picked Isa from the list of patients under this account (there are only the two of us), then chose “video consult” and the app told me we were next in line. At 3:10 pm a nice female doctor came on the screen and I handed the phone to Isa who video-chatted away with her. The doctor was professional, thorough and obviously knowledgeable. She assured Isa that she probably didn’t have coronavirus and then prescribed some meds for sinusitis. It was 3:20 pm.

I then loaded another app on my phone (Farmacia Pasteur, the best pharmacy in Colombia, easily as nice as anything we have in Canada). I found the two meds the doctor had prescribed and ordered them right on my phone for about $20, including delivery, all on my credit card. About 30 min later, another clean, polite and professional man came and delivered them. It was 3:50 pm. We had never left the building.

Consider this next time you tell me how great the health care system is back home.

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nice, now if she gets and feels better as quickly as well then that would be really great;)

This is sick beyond words.

I need some. Medicare that is.


I’m thankful for the VA. No cost to me. What a sucker! What a loser!

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I just got my COBRA quote if I continue coverage. COBRA charges up to 102% for a beneficiary and up to 150% if the beneficiary is disabled.
For continuing coverage from the existing Network I had while employed (Beneficiary Only) these are the Monthly Cost:

CA HMO $500 $736.36

Aetna PPO Dental (All States) $49.41

Aetna Vision $4.23

I currently do not have Medicare, if I do have any type of visit of the above and I elect COBRA within the eligibility period which is until 11/2/2020 then my coverage is covered back to 9/1/2020 the day after the loss of 8/31/2020.

If you struggle with your mental health, you may be entitled to a range of welfare benefits.

The benefits you may be entitled to include:

  • Universal Credit .
  • Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Attendance Allowance .

I can be selective about what I keep. I am probably going to shop HealthCare MarketPlace. I have seen online quotes and my phone was getting about 50 calls and messages a day to get my personal quote. I wonder if they have to do a package deal too.
Healthcare insurance is no longer mandatory. I might drop something.

If I have to go with COBRA I am locked in, meaning I can’t change until another “life qualifying event”.


This article is about how the government uses Obamacare to profit from poor, uneducated Americans while not-so-brightly educated Americans who have private insurance absorb the cost. Our government strips us of our right to proper medical treatment, makes us repeatedly pay for it, dictates which deadly medical treatment to kill us with and at every turn attempts to pass taxpayer-funded bills that would further enslave us to enrich the medical industry. How do we the people justify this? Well, we are just so honored to be allowed to breathe in this exceptionally strong country that we are willing to give everything we have to help our wealthy country prosper.