Wow! This woman is spend happy. We are going to have to have deep pockets if we want her to lead our country.
I hope Trump has some sort of strategy to addressing this unrealistic spending spree Warren would undoubtedly go on.

On the other hand, America is ready for a woman to lead the country. Who cares if she spends money frivolously. No past President has had to maintain a cost effective budget.

We just think money should be spent on different things. You have no problem spending money on nukes, jailing people, and walls. I look at that as ludicrous. Probably the same way you look at medicare for all. I don’t think your president is exactly being frugal at all. It’s just about where you are going to spend money.

You are so right, Dan. All I can think about is how do we defend ourselves, protect society from lawlessness, and fund cheap border security.

I like her plan quite a bit. The ultra rich don’t pay enough in taxes. This should help that problem.

I’d vote for Bernie’s too.

It looks like Biden should change parties.

God knows Trump hasn’t. The first thing he did was to cut taxes for the rich and plunge the USA into trillion dollar deficits, tripling the Obama deficits.