That has to be the most ironic statement of the year.


Why is it ironic?


Do you really want to go there with me?


It’s just that I don’t want to unleash without your full commitment to this conversation.


Oh now you’re scaring me.


Don’t be silly!


Don’t be weird. Nobody commits to conversation here. I mean, they’re free to if they want, but I’ve never committed to conversing with someone nor would I. As soon as I think the discussion is stupid or pointless, I’m out. So is everyone as far as I can see.


This would be at least the second time you have spoke for someone else, Reg. If Wil doesn’t want to commit, he can say so himself.


Michele, don’t be weirder. I didn’t even remotely speak for anyone else.




The irony of you telling me there is no shame in not having a college education.

I doubt you finished yours.
That one’s almost as big as yours!
Yeah, that’s your problem.
Nothing you could understand.
Speaking of The Handmaids Tale - Each time I watch another episode of this show and read your reply you grow more loathsome and your stench more putrid.
You disgust me.
I believe you made it to unhinged a long time ago.
Well you wouldn’t respect a partial jerk.
Poor Michelle.
I have never revealed this before but I have some psychic powers. I have an image in my mind of you. Yes, it’s becoming more clear. I see a very fat ass . . wait . more is coming . .
If that’s how you feel then I can’t blame you for maintaining a hostile posture and an acidic vagina. Now I know how long those days as a Walmart Greeter can be. On your feet…
Within 30 seconds test the ph of your vagina and report it here. DON’T LIE!
Are you having intercourse with dicks?
Do you talk to dicks?
Are you seeing dicks Michelle?
Oh geeze is it time for a personality shift so soon?
You have accepted him as you fuhrer haven’t you?
Trump is getting caught in a lifetime of lies. Pay attention. Try another source than trump propaganda.
He has no money to use. Don’t you read?
Anything. Newspapers, books. Anything?
The website Michelle. trump paid for the website you Paid for by trump. God ur easy.
upon further checking it is paid for by Donald (the orange liar) trump. Worthless except for fools.
Obviously another trump rah rah site. Maybe even Russian. You are so easy.
Do you have blackouts from alcohol like Brett?
I think I have you figured out Michelle. Your frantic efforts to help Trump maintain some credibility stem from a ph imbalance in your vagina. I suspect it is more acidic.
Your ignorance is staggering.
You have an incurable mental illness. There is medication to help restrain it.
God you are so gullible.
You are truly delusional.
It’s pretty hard to make me blush at this age. However looking at or smelling that thing of yours might make me vomit.
And in the interest of furthering your education your comment should read “it’s their sin”. Just trying to save you the shame of looking ignorant.

You are right! There is no shame, except what you have created in me.

I only have one question for you, Wil.

Was your dad verbally abusive to you?


Good morning, Wil!
You have given me thick skin and a desire to know everything. :revolving_hearts:


Do you have a picture of my avatar on your wall?


No, I don’t! Why do you ask?


What I do have is a much clearer understanding of why you took interest in reading early in life.


Why do you suppose that is?


Because I want to be more than what you say I am.


What I say you are doesn’t make it so.


I’m touched!


Perhaps I have used the word incorrectly.
Perhaps your statement was only ironic to me.