Not that marijuana was tested for or pointed to as the culprit, I read somewhere there was an increase in pedestrians struck by motorists after legislation was passed. Just noted a rise in pedestrians struck on roadways after marijuana legislation passed. Just makes me extra cautious about crossing the street. Not certain on whose bias the balance lies either. Pedestrian or motorist. Probably less fear of consequence of illegal drug/narcotic possession and seeking reprimands though, as the fault cannot be pointed to as simply as alcohol intoxication on either behalf thus denying certain insurance policies.


Mark, you think the rise in pedestrians being struck is due to legalizing marijuana?


Can’t say on behalf of the pedestrian or motorist.


God is so awesome. He put canabinoids in our body so that our body wouldn’t reject Marijuana. A person can be treated for many things with pot without concern over becoming addicted.
I watched a special on it and they interviewed a woman with cerebral palsy. It took her what seemed like forever just to introduce herself.
“My my my name my name is…”
After they recorded her smoking, she spoke again and this time it was in one continuous sentence and it was amazing to see the difference.
A scientist wrote an article about the effect it had on his son who had cancer which most people now know is the very best drug known to man for surviving cancer, a disease that can be killed in the body just by cutting off its source for food. :rage:
If you have been taking pain pills long, I assume you are addicted. The danger with the type of drug you are taking is that it has a half life so if you take a 5mg Xanax today, you still have 2.5 mg in your body tomorrow.


I don’t take pain pills of any kind. I use menthol on my aching joints.


Menthol? As in Petroleum? How’s that working out for you? Have you ever tried Tumeric?

What are you using to treat PTSD?


From Wikipedia: Menthol is an organic compound made synthetically or obtained from corn mint, peppermint, or other mint oils. … In the West, menthol was first isolated in 1771.


So it’s not Mentholatum?


Mentholatum is a brand name of a particular set of products. I have never used them but I doubt they are petroleum based as they date back well over 100 years.


It’s not petroleum based. It works instantly.


Send me a picture of it.


Massive doses of alcohol.


It’s called Painstop.


Seems like I remember you used to drink a lot of beer. I’m sorry. I don’t even know what branch of the military or war.


So how man different meds are you on?


Massive doses of alcohol draws a pretty big picture, Will. You should tell us about it.


I know you’re probably thinking I should shut my mouth and mind my own business but you hold American history locked in your mind and are you going to take it to your grave?


Just as I took an oath to do. A lifetime oath.


Does everyone take that oath, Will? If so, who writes the books about wars?


No. A relative few do.