The bloody Muslims are back in power. This will surely go well.


it’s spelled mulaysia
fuckin canuck

I think it is a strategy of the smaller southeastern asian countries against China and it’s territorial claims over the waters and “artificially” produced islands. One country has to stand up to China by itself to show the others. Also the more trouble in the country the more it makes China back off.

If these countries are not ruled by their own military, Chinese military will have to much influence and intimidation to their democracy.

Malaysia has a strong Chinese minority but it isn’t a typical Asian country. It is a Muslim nation dominated by corrupt and superstitious lunatics. Even though I am not racially Malay, I was born there and know its potential. That potential is a long way from being realized, however.

Most of those southeast Asian countries can trace roots back to genetic groups in China. That is why it is difficult for them to go against China in will. But despite that genetic lineage, some of the DNA shows nothing of a Chinese match. Some would prefer those countries asking if they are a sub race of Japan, Korea, or China or just kept in the confusion of those 3.

No, Mark. Malays are brown, not yellow. Malays are Muslims. Malaysia has far more in common with Indonesia than it has with China. The Chinese are just another minority there, like the Indians. Those are the three major racial groups: Indians, Chinese and Malays. There are many race-based laws there to protect the status of the Muslim Malay majority.

What may be defining some of those races is Dutch colonialism and heritage that sets them apart. You would think those regions even with the number of pirates to honor and reward anyone willing to cross such black and unknown waters. Even if it is with rule.

Yes, my Malaysian heritage is why I have some Dutch blood, which I admit is shameful but I obviously did not choose it. We all have things in our family tree we’re ashamed of.

lol You just voted in a president who takes orders from China. Whose highly educated, intellectually qualified son does billions of dollars in business with China. Correct me where I’m wrong. I’m certain I’m not.

Don’t laugh at me.

Don’t say things that contradict your vote.

I voted in a Chinese election you are try to say for an individual to serve the people as President?

How am I accountable for this person? This person was elected to be accountable to me and should be self accountable.

You sound like you are trying to intimidate people not to vote or just have my right to suffrage forfeited.

Why don’t you just plead guilty to felony DUI and not worry about voting?

What does this have to do with me? That’s another person. Shouldn’t you go to Qanon instead of trying to get people here live up to your expectations of the shaman there. I can’t be that person and nobody here can satisfy you. I don’t want to try to be that person or hear about your disappointments of how I am not. Go back there and stay there, you can’t satisfy anyone here.

Go with racists of your own kind and don’t use us to make you interesting to your other racist group. Do you understand? Don’t act like you are keeping us stupid with your drugs and intimidated with your accusations and lies.

Get out of here.

Reg. Were you devastated to hear the news of the Canadian, Christopher Plummer dying?

Oh yes, I was heartbroken. Funny, I saw on one of the BBAD news feeds that he died. I had no idea until you posted that he was Canadian. I still don’t give enough of a damn to click.

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Hopefully nothing.

Boy. You sure are bossy these days.



I’ll be completely honest with you. I don’t understand even one crazy thing you are saying and I’m not playing guessing games in hopes I figure it out.

What might this have to do with me, reg, and a third party?