Limited Privilege

Life without parole seems severe over a cheap jacket but according to this clip, there are over 3000 people serving life without parole over nonviolent crimes. 80% are drug related. 65% of those are African American.

“Earlier this week, President Obama commuted the prison sentences of 46 drug offenders saying their sentences “didn’t fit their crimes”.”

There mere mention of prison justice reform earned Obama a place in history apart from actual reform.

Let us take this time to congratulate both Clinton and Obama for their contribution in increased prison population and reform.

Congratulations to Clinton and Obama.

Well done. Your worship of them hasn’t gone unnoticed.

I don’t worship them. They’re just politicians.

So does this mean you are going to vote for bernie?

I would have voted for Bernie before his heart trouble. I think Warren will be just fine.


I was asking Michele. This does not dq Bernie for me but it might end him. Clinton had same problem before becoming president.

Oh, sorry. I certainly can’t speak for Michele. I would like to have Bernie but I think this is going to ruin his chances.


He has a heart condition. What if he dies? Americans wouldn’t like that at all. My vote doesn’t count but even if it did, I would never vote for a liberal with a bad heart.

At least heb HAS a heart.

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That’s so sweet the way you race to his defense.

He doesn’t need defending, unlike your orange turd traitor.

I know it’s juvenile but that made me chuckle and I googled “orange turd traitor”. This came up. lol.

Ahahaha! And I thought I was being original.

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Oh, Will, I don’t want you to go to any trouble but thank you. That is incredibly thoughtful of you.

Neighbor who delivered testimony in Amber Guyger trial is shot dead.

Your country has too much violence. Then again, I am currently in a country that has even more violence overall and I love it here so whatever.

Limiting privilege provokes us.