I will try to post at the end of each month, good things and bad things that happened.


Good things.

  1. I received my 2nd fauci boo boo.
  2. Trump lost
  3. Joe is doing some stuff I like.
  4. I am going to get a much better tax return than last year.
  5. I applied for the technical supervisor position in my department. They have not started interviews yet.
  6. All my cats are still alive.
  7. I think I got better at chess.

Bad things.

  1. The covid lab has been a disaster. It is not my area. It would take me 10 minutes to talk about it and longer to write.
  2. My inlaws parked their car in my driveway and went to florida for 3 months so now I have to back out onto the street. I’m not really sure why it’s in my driveway.
  3. I think I got better at chess.
  4. Woodworking is on hiatus because of weather mostly.

Pending stuff…

  1. Waiting to hear from hyundai about engine recall.

get a halogen lamp

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I would NOT like that.

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What about a bunch of pillows?

i didn’t invent my pillow to be suspended four feet above whatever you’re working on
i was the first to build a pillow with jewish space lasers
don’t need no stinkin’ step-ladder



  1. I got my tax return. I never got a stimulus check last yewe so I got $720 extra.

  2. My parents got their first shot Friday.

  3. First interview for supervisor job is Thursday. 2nd interview is tuesday.

  4. Started snowpiercer

  5. Hot tub levels are perfect.

  6. Lots of melting despite 65 mph winds last night and subzero wind chills. Our handling of this makes texas seem even more moronic.


  1. Inlaws car is still in driveway. It hasn’t been driven in 6 weeks. If it starts when they get back, they should get the hint we drove it 100 miles in 3 months. They might have to make my driveway bigger if they want it there again next year.

  2. Our cat died.

  3. I was exposed on saturday to covid. I have no symptoms and have been vaccinated. My wife is still not vaccinated despite being a teacher so I’ll worry until I hear the result on thursday.

  4. More people leaving work. I got one an ooni koda pizza oven as a sendoff gift.

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sorry about your cat Dan.


“Politicians, old buildings and whores all get respectable if they live long enough.”

from “Chinatown”

You really see the truth of that with George W. Bush. War criminal, invaded Iraq on a lie, killed a half a million civilians, joked about it in a video, and now even Democrats refer to him as this grand old man who is looking down his nose at unworthy Trump. Well, Trump IS unworthy, true, but W is still a war criminal. Stupid piece of subhuman trash.

Very funny George. May you rot in Hell.

I’m getting older but feel good. Life is good other than my job right now, but that’s better than most.


Are those a few grey hairs I’m seeing? lol. You’ll either learn to dye it or learn to not care. I dye it.

You’re looking great. Making the best of these weird times.

Lol. I’ve had them for years but it’s usually hard to tell. Right now I like them. I’ll see lol.

normally, i wouldn’t quibble with the word “icc”
but since you brought it up

I’ll try to do something more for cancer. Sorry about the way you look/feel.

Life happens

I’m sorry we couldn’t be better friends, but you were just hurting too much. You two make a nice couple. Is she a cancer? Do you have cancer or a tumor?
You two look like you can almost read each other’s thoughts. Or maybe just what you put into each other’s heads.

Goodbye Dan. Forever.

Your balut is nauseating. did you eat balut growing up?

What kind of question is that? It’s none of your business.

oh it’s my business all right sonny

I accepted the new job. It is a 10000 dollar raise, but salary. I think it was a good move. I went from senior tech ii to technical supervisor. Which is one step below manager. I’ll be good at it eventually. It usually takes me a year to become excellent at a job. Hopefully, this is quucker since I’m already doing 80% of it.

I think I can keep it to 40 hours a week for a while. My brain is in between innovative and burnt out. It was now or never.

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