Life is not good

That’s interesting. How can there be an antibody test for a virus that didn’t exist yet? Is one antibody test used for all viruses? I’m a little confused about how those tests work.

We got the antibody test in April 2020. I should have still had an antibody if I’d gotten it in February.

I will say the test was useless. Other than interest. It was not diagnostic of a current infection. It was positive 10 days post exposure and could stay there for a while. It was just delevoped quicker than the antigen.

The only benefit I thought was if you had antibodies and this test gave a numerical titer, would that mean you didn’t need to get vaxxed. It was probably easier to just jab everyone.

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I tested positive again today. I have been sleeping almost non stop the past 3 days. I honestly thought it was a sinus infection. Never lost me sence of taste or smell except my nose is plugged.

Hopefully it will clear up soon.

Get well soon, Holly. That must be unpleasant.

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some people will do anything to keep wearing those silly masks :wink:

feel better soon!

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Har har har thinking.

Thank you Reg.

Hope you feel better.

I had leftover pizza last night that I foiled and never got in the fridge.

Eeewww. And you ate that??

I have read a lot about what is in people who are vaccinated. Metal. Aluminum. Have you ever seen any unusual lab tests?

Assuming you are referring to covid, have you been vaccinated? If so, we’re you vaccinated “because” you were sick or to prevent getting sick?

I have gotten the vaccine, yes.

It was to prevent getting sick/sicker if/when I caught covid.

It could be a lot worse.

If first time I had it, it was worse than this.

We have not.

No. I threw it out. Life was not good at 5 am this morning.

Do you think the vaccine did what it was created to do?

That interesting because 3000 doctors worldwide have testified to something different.

It’s amazing how we place so much value on one life over another.

That sounds like something a socialist might say.